Sangean BB-100 Jobsite Radio Review

Hope, you’ll agree with me if I say “Worksites are not exactly the best place for a delicate electronic best stadium seatsdevice, especially for the home stereo system.”

So, you’re looking for a most robust option. Right?
But, which jobsite radio is toughest? Or Which radio sounds best?

Sangean BB-100 is one of the best job site radios that will meet your need and entertain you while you’re working in the harsh environment and spending time at beach or lake.

So, what makes this radio best of the best? Let’s go through the review and find out the points.

First of all, this radio is built with two things in mind: durability and high-sound quality. The industrial-grade toughness of this radio makes it able to withstand the extremely harsh conditions of the worksite. The ruggedness of BB-100 is mind-blowing.

Second, the 5-inch speakers deliver a clear and loud sound that is distinctly audible wherever you’re working on the site. Or even in the in a noisy area. Furthermore, the speakers are also weather-resistant, so you can use it in hard weather conditions without having to worry about damaging it. Combine with the ruggedness with the high-quality sound; you’ll get the ultimate worksite music gadget.

Lastly, it supports wireless streaming via Bluetooth. With its Built-in Bluetooth Technology Version 4.1 Class II Wireless Audio Streaming, BB-100 receives music from a distance that allows you to enjoy your favorite music wirelessly. It’s a convenient feature, isn’t it?


Whom Is Sangean BB-100 Radio Designed For?

BB-100 from Sangeanis the best option for him/ her who is looking for an ultra-rugged digital radio to use in not only harsh worksite but also beach, lake, or backyard.





If you still want to learn more about this radio, have a look at all of its top features.

Features and Features Benefit
  • Ultra-rugged and roll cage protected- BB-100 is an ultra-rugged radio made from ABS plastic. This construction with roll cage makes the radio robust and durable.
  • Built-in Battery Charger- This radio features three power options that allow the user to use itswith alkaline batteries pack,rechargeable “C” batteries or a power cord to run it. The beautiful thing about this radio comes with a built-in battery charger that allow the batteries to be charged the batteries inside the radio.
  • Auxiliary Input– BB-100 features an aux-in that allows the user to connect a non-Bluetooth device such as MP3, iPhone/iPod or CD player.
  • Rugged Rotary Tuning and Volume Control-It has rugged rotary tuning and volume control that makes the radio easy to use.
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology-The built-in Bluetooth technology wireless audio streaming of this radio enables the user to play the stored music on their device.
Handy features! Aren’t they?


And still not satisfied with its features? Like to hear more?

Yes, there are much more!
  • 10 Memory Preset Stations (5 FM, 5 AM)
  • Flexible Antenna
  • Large Backlit LCD Display
  • Charging LED Indicator
  • 7 Meters Rubber AC Cable

Now we’re going to discuss here the advantages. To be honest, we didn’t forget to mention here the drawbacks of this radio.


  • Rain-, dust-, shock- and water resistant
  • Excellent build quality &rugged design
  • High-quality full range sound
  • Excellent reception
  • Convenient
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight & portable


  • It doesn’t come with the rechargeable “C” batteries. So, users have to buy it separately.
  • Some users wish to have longer antenna option and tone control with it.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Sangean BB-100 Radio

Q. Can this model “a good hard bolt of lightning”?

A. No. Like other electronic devices, this radio is unable to withstand hard bolt of lightning.

Q. Are the sound and bass good enough for a small backyard party?

A. Its sound performance is top-rated. It features different equalizer settings to adjust the sound. Hope it’ll meet your need.

Q. Does the radio play both AC and DC?

A. Yes. It features both 120V AC and four “C” size rechargeable batteries.


Hope, our Sangean BB-100 Reviews will help you a lot to pick the most durable single speaker Bluetooth unit!

Undoubtedly, BB-100 will change the way in which you experience entertainment at your worksite through it excellent selectivity and sensitivity.

It’s a terrific little radio with big sound, good Bluetooth link, and excellent reception.

If you’re looking for durability along with very high-quality sound, this radio is worth a look. It will offer you better value if you want to buy the best jobsite radio with excellent user reviews.

Happy listening!

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