A Review on Whistler Trx-1: A digital Scanner in 2021

Whistler Trx-1 A digital Scanner feture

Now, becoming a policeman is so easy. Are you wondering? It’s not funny at all.  Unfortunately, in our surroundings, people experience lots of crimes and burglaries.  Hence, a police scanner can make you a policeman even at your home.   So, keeping a police scanner at your home will give you an extra benefit to look into any suspects or incidents …

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Best Antenna for Yaesu ft-60r Review in 2021

Antenna for Yaesu ft-60r

Is your Yaesu Ft-60R unable to provide you with your expected range of reception and transmission? If so, then bring an antenna at your home and get your Yaesu radio some spice of upgraded reception and transmission. A ship is worthless without a rudder. In the same way, a Ham radio is worthless without an antenna. So, make everything of …

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Best Hf Vertical Antenna No Radials in 2021

Hf Vertical Antenna No Radials

If you are buff in radio, then only a best hf antenna can quench your thirst. There are different types of antennas available on the market. Today, We will talk about the best hf vertical antenna. You know why?  Because it will give you some benefits over other types of antennas, and they are. Space-saving Emergency communication High-frequency Again, every …

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Top 5 Best Qrp Transceiver Review in 2021

Portable QRP HF Transceiver

The biggest challenge for ham radio operators is to choose the right Qrp Transceiver. There are lots of different types of QRP Radio Kits. Some are cheap but don’t have rich features. Some are portable, and some are all mode transceivers. But, which one do you want? It is a billion-dollar question. It is pretty sure that you need the …

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Top 5 Best Cheap/Budget HF Transceivers Review 2021

HF Transceivers Review

When the product is the best, the price becomes irrelevant. Perhaps, it is something like a joke in the modern world if you buy a quality product at a low price. Are you laughing?  It’s not fun at all. Recently, many renowned manufacturers have brought some best transceivers that are cheap and quality products as well. You want the best …

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Baofeng Uv-5r review and buying guide in 2021

Baofeng Uv-5r review

What if you lose the network of your phone and the internet connection goes down but you need to communicate with your family urgently? It is a very common phenomenon in the modern world but it is quite hard to imagine the situation when nothing you have for communication. Going with a proper back-up plan is a great investment indeed. …

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Top 5 Best PL-259 Connectors Reviews in 2021

Best PL-259 Connectors

In the modern world, people use multiple devices. To connect them together, a connector is a must. You know, without the perfect connection, everything is a debacle. Your communication is worth it when you have a standard connector. Using different connectors on a single piece of equipment is something that you don’t want. Therefore, choosing a suitable pack of connectors …

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Best CB Antenna Stud Mount For Your CB Antenna in 2021

Best CB Antenna Stud Mount

Did you ever buy a CB antenna stud mount, and it broke or bent in some days, but you never thought to return it just because it didn’t cost that much anyway? You know every penny is precious. So why don’t you think of the best CB antenna stud mount for your CB antenna? A standard CB antenna stud mount …

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Top 5 Best Handheld Ham Radio Antenna Reviews-2021

Best Handheld Ham Radio Antenna

Come to the fact. Just having a handheld ham radio doesn’t mean that you enjoy high-quality communication. Without an antenna, you will be stuck in interrupted communication. Hearing the clear-cut voice during emergencies is a must. But, it is so hard to find any handheld ham radio without an antenna that can ensure clear-cut communication. So what do you need? …

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Top 5 Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna Reviews 2021

Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna Reviews

Do you know the most challenging part for ham radio users? You will wonder to know how difficult the period is when you get low connectivity during an emergency communication. Many people get frustrated. You ask why? Well, they can’t choose the best quality antenna for their ham radios. As a result, they doom their adventurous journey. So, keeping a …

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