Sangean PR-D15 AM/FM Portable Radio Reviews

best jobsite radioAre you in search for a versatile, well-performed and best on-the-go digital radio?

Then, Sangean PRD15 AM/ FM is the radio that you’re looking for.

Without beating around the bush, let’s go straight to the Sangean PR-D15 reviewand find out the features that make this radio best of the best.

First of all, Sangean PRD15 is designed with simplicity and function in mind. It’s an upgrade version of the Sangean PR-15 model. PRD15 comes with an update of its unexpectedly excellent AM performance. In fact, its AM reception is very close to any high-end jobsite radio. No doubt, the user will be satisfied with its astonishingly good AM receptions and audio quality.

PR-D15 also adds bass and treble controls along with a loudness defeat function. The 1 kHz tuning steps of this model are really a welcome addition to fine-tuning. Furthermore, the built-in battery charging and a real carrying handle make it one of the best portable option.

In addition, PR-D15 comes with recharge capabilities for rechargeable batteries, tone adjustment and 1.5W power output.

Nice features, Right? But, what about its performance?

Well, the answer is that it is overall a very good DSP based radio especially for excellent sensitivity and selectivity in both the FM and AM bands. And there’s no denying the usefulness of its stereo and RDS capability.

Whom Is Sangean PRD15 Radio Designed For?

Sangean PRD15 is one of the best options for them who is looking for a portable jobsite radio with exceptionally strong AM and Stereo Audio performance.


So what else does this radio have to offer? This device comes with all the features you’d ever want in the best job site radio. Here are the top features.

Features and Features Benefit

  • DSP Tuning System– It’s a great radio with good reception on both AM and FM. The DSP tuning system ensures fade-free, exact FM reception. On the other hand, it features 200mm Ferrite (AM) antenna bar that provides exceptionally strong AM reception. It can easily pick up the stations that are very hard to get.
  • LCD Display with Backlight & RDS feature – Sangean PRD15 features segment style LCD display with backlit. So, you can see the screen clearly even from across the room. The easy-to-read display also shows station ID, time, song name and artist.
  • Rotary Treble and Bass Control- The unit with its built-in stereo speakers provide powerful audio for its size. The bass and treble have a wide range of adjustments that let you adjust the sound to your preference. If you need to listen to the radio at a lower volume level, this unit is able to compensate the bass and treble by providing a rich sound quality.
  • Alarm by Radio or HWS Buzzer & Sleep Timer-It comes with a built-in alarm. The radio alarm turns on your preset station at your scheduled time. It also features an HWS or Humane wake system buzzer which rings with an increasing alarm sound instead of the usual harsh noise. It also includes adjustable timers and snooze functions which you can set for your convenient time (minutes) interval.
  • I/O Jacks: Aux-In, and Headphone-If you like you can connect your iPhone, iPod, or other MP3 players to the radio via its 3.5mm aux-in. It also features a 3.5 mm headphone output jack that lets you enjoy your favorite stations or song in private.
  • Rechargeable with Charging LED Indicator- You can power up the unit with six “C” size NiMH batteries or standard AC power. While plugged in, it can recharge the NiMH batteries.An LED indicator allows you to know the charging status.
  • 10 Memory Station Presets (5 FM, 5 AM) – Simply tune to your desired station and save it.
  • Folding and easy carry handle– The convenient size along with the foldable carrying handle makes the unit portable.



  • Top-notch audio performance
  • Great Reception
  • Convenient size
  • Easy to use functions
  • Lightweight & portable


  • The radio doesn’t come with the batteries.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Sangean PRD15 Radio

Q, Does Sangean PRD15 come with the power adaptor?

A. Yes, it comes with an electrical adapter.

Q. Does this model have Bluetooth feature?

A. No. This model doesn’t feature Bluetooth.

Q. How many batteries this model requires to operate? What types of battery?

A. It requires 6 rechargeable batteries. Standard “C” size (NiMH) Alkaline batteries will work well.


Hope, our Sangean PR-D15 Review will help to pick the right jobsite radio for you.

Undoubtedly, Sangean PRD15 FM/ Stereo or AM radio is one of the best and outstanding, powerful radio available on the market today.

The unit is very powerful in picking up signals and features excellent stereo sound quality to use anywhere. It’s very solidly built and reliable to be used in the harsh worksite.

All-in-all, the very best radio at a reasonable price with stereo audio performance and excellent reception.

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