10 Best DMR radio review 2022 [Top Picks]

Best DMR radio review

If you want to maintain good communication when emergency services come in hand, what would be the better way other than the best DMR radio? I am pretty sure you won’t find any.

Nowadays, You will find a lot of products but the real fact is some of them will fulfill your needs, and some of them are not much capable of delivering quality perfectly.

So, it can be difficult for you to get the best DMR radio to form the market. Here, with this article, I am going to assist you in this matter. Continue going through the whole article to get the all details.

What is a DMR Radio?

DMR radio stands for Digital mobile radio which is a limited open digital mobile radio standard derived by European Telecommunications Standards Institute. It had been known to the world as the commercial product when it came into the limelight at first.

DMR had come out in the market with three tiers. Out of them, tiers I and II came into focus in 2005 while the tier III in 2012.


The DMR interface is defined by the following ETSI standards:

  • TS 102 361-1: Air interface protocol
  • TS 102 361-2: Voice and General services and facilities
  • TS 102 361-3: Data protocol
  • TS 102 361-4: Trunking protocol

DMR Tiers

DMR Tier I:

If you are in the European zone, then you have the opportunity to use the DMR Tier I products without any license. Tier I products are specified for non-infrastructure use only. This part of the standard provides for consumer applications and low-power commercial applications, using a maximum of 0.5 watt RF power.

DMR Tier II:

DMR Tier II covers licensed conventional radio systems, mobiles, and hand portables operating in PMR frequency bands from 66–960 MHz.


DMR Tier III  grabs the trunking operation in frequency bands of 66–960 MHz. Tier III confirms voice and short messaging handling similar to TETRA with built-in 128 character status messaging and short messaging with up to 288 bits of data in a variety of formats.

Moreover, it also offers packet data service in different formats, including support for IPv4 and IPv6. In 2012, the DMR market first included tier III compliant products.

What Are the Best DMR Radio Brands?

People are used to consuming different types of brands of the same product though there is a wide range of variations in quality and services.

Based on the customers’ satisfaction with the brands they use, I have listed some top brands for your easy and comfortable purchase.

  • Tait Communications
  • Fylde Micro
  • Selex
  • Motorola
  • Hytera

Other than those mentioned brands, DMR radio market is full of other hit and popular brands like Sanchar Communication, Vertex Standard, Kenwood and Icom.  It depends on what features you want from your radio. In the DMR radio category, these are the top.

Benefits of DMR radios

DMR renders some special benefits to its customers. These are briefly discussed below-

> Digital Audio Quality

DMR radio always comes with the digital audio quality that is the updated audio quality of the radio. It replaces the sound quality of the analog version of the radio.

> Data applications

DMR radio provides the facility of text messaging, GPS, SCADA, and telemetry data applications. You can use these data applications according to your needs.

> Longer battery life

The biggest challenge for the DMR manufacturers is the battery. How long the battery runs is the main criterion of the DMR radio.

> Emergency Communication

DMR radio is mainly designed for the purpose of emmergency communication. However, there are other usages of this radio.

10 Best DMR Radio Reviewed

It takes enormous toils from me to find the best one for you. I have gone through extensive research to do so. It is because; various brands are manufacturing lots of DMR radios for the users.

In that case, My main aim is to find the best one which ensures the value of money. Now, I have done my job and brought a list of the best ten products for you. If you get one of them, then you will be rightfully gainer with your tool. Let’s see the product’s details in the followings-


1 of 10 AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus Bluetooth W/GPS. Free Programming Cable

AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus Bluetooth W/GPS. Free Programming Cable

When you’re looking for a handheld good quality DMR radio that performs straight out of the box, this one you pick for your needs. It shows high performance with affordable price.

Besides, you can enjoy easy and comfortable communication while emmergency services needed. This is in the top of the best DMR radio list due to the 200k digital contact list capacityblocking power. For more features, you can read below.


Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

Why would anyone spend their penny on a device which doesn’t provide any value? Exactly! To narrow-down your confusions and to clarify the true meaning of spending your money over it, you must have a look at the key features.

Customizable Display

Honestly,  at first sight, you’ll receive a gorgeous display. Because the super customizable design is supremely significant for potential hikers or mountaniers even for the beginners.

Moreover, It is clear and easy to read the multi-color display. Amazingly, the boot-up screen is customizable with either a picture or the text of your choice.

Bluetooth Compatible

Gladly you may enjoy the hands-free calling with your Bluetooth audio devices! For example your car, headset, earphone, and most other devices that are bluetooth compatible.

Digital and Analog APRS

Interestingly, it is a great dual drm radio going with digital analog APRS system. If you are expecting to use it for full functioning APRS just go with it. Don’t waste your time.


Well, this DMR radio comes with the roaming facility which adds extra plus to its features. The good side is that it modifies its places and timezone automatically with the changes of the users’ location.

  • Satisfied audio quality
  • Amazing price
  • Excellent memory storage
  • A large capacity Li-Ion battery
  • Complicated configuration
  • The speaker isn’t loud enough(someone complained)

Did you like the features above? If the features meet your need, then you can place your order for this amazing product on the Amazon site.

2 of 10 Ailunce HD1 DMR Radios,Amateur Radios,Digital Walkie Talkies Waterproof

Ailunce HD1 DMR Radios,Amateur Radios,Digital Walkie Talkies Waterproof

What if your DMR radio doesn’t damage itself or stop functioning even in water?

Incredibly, It is a device that works tremendously in water. The waterproof ability makes it out of the box.

Moreover, The GPS helps you to locate the working team on the move, and the emergency alarm function can promptly alert the staff when an unexpected situation comes on the way. Thus, it effectively protects the staff’s personal safety.

On top of that, this radio with dustproof facility can ensure the longivity of the radio.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

Are you confused while buying this DMR radio? Well, I will lessen your confusion by bringing some features to you so that you comfortably choose your radio.

LCD operation

The radio features the LCD display and backlit full numeric keypad. Surprisingly you can see the display information at a glance and It is tremendously easy to operate even in bright light.

SMS function

The most exciting thing is that the radio supports DMR data functions and allows you to send and receive messages. Awesome! Isn’t it?

However, there is a limit of the each message that maximizes the length of each message is 144 characters and less than 50 lines.

Long rechargeable battery life

As this ham radio is a digital radio, it comparatively consumes less energy than that of analog. Besides, It ensures faster communication, settle the issues rapidly.

So, the HD1 radio intend to reduce battery consumption and lessen the talk time. Thus, You can extend 3200mAh rechargeable battery life up to 40%, the standby over 30 hours.

Doubled contacts

Noticeably, The radio comes with 3000 channels and 200,000 contacts. Besides, It is available in 256 zones.

Most importantly, the advanced digital dual time slot technology can allow you to secure call, group call, all calls.

GPS Function

It dosen’t matter wherever you go. You ask why? Well, The GPS function can help you to find your location and your working team on the move.

More excited thing is that it belongs to the emergency alarm function that can promptly alert the staff when an unexpected situation really occurs. Thus, it ensures the personal security.

FM and DW Fucntion

The FM radio stops functioning whenever a call comes. Once you finish the conversation over the radio, the FM automatically starts functioning. Thus no chance is there to miss the calls.

  • Water and Dustproof
  • Promiscuous function
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good Mic audio
  • Decent build quality
  • Firmware is a real problem

If you like the features and it matches with your need, then you can surely proceed on to place an order on the Amazon site. You’re getting it at the reasonable price which is removable and reusable and can be installed only by pressing. So for checking the price visit Amazon now

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3 of 10 BTECH DMR-6X2 Dual Band Two-Way Radio

BTECH DMR-6X2 Dual Band Two-Way Radio

If you are thinking to use your radio for both commercial and amateur applications, then i can confidently recommend this DMR radio for you. You shouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

The most attraction of this radio is its bright and large 1.77-inch color TFT display where you can see the functions of the radio very easily.

Besides, you can carry it without any extra baggage. Because it weighs only 1.8lbs which is equivalent to approximately 1 kg only. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

Knowing the features of the product you buy is your right. Thus, we have managed some features of this DMR radio to shorten your search. I am pretty sure these will end your confusions regarding the product.

Selectable Daytime or Nighttime Display

The very positive side of this radio is that you can customize the display mode. When it is night you can switch on the black display mode that makes the display easier on the eyes during nighttime operation.

Interestingly, You can easily set your DMR-6X2 to display between a ‘vibrant blue’ or ‘contrasting black’ themed modes.

Adjustable Scanning Features

The DMR-6X2 is designed to have the ability of scanning the channel lists that consist of  about 250 channels in a zone and at most 4,000 channels in the radio.

Moreover, You can customize the scanning preferences according to your basic needs.

Constant Firmware Updates

The firmware is updated constantly according to the needs of the users.

  • Loud Speaker
  • Clear MIC
  • Large memory bank
  • Nice bright screen showing caller name, callsign, city, country
  • Programming cable included
  • Not waterproof
  • Sharp/harsh sound quality(someone complained)

If you like the feature then for what are you waiting? Visit Amazon and see the latest price of this product.

4 of 10 Radioddity GD-77 DMR Two-way Radio

Radioddity GD-77 DMR Two-way Radio

Analog or Digital? Maybe you are confused. Let me narrow-down your confusions with the statement that the radioddity GD-77 works in both digital and analog mode.

Besides,  the “dual wait” mode that allows you to monitor both the DMR community and stay in touch with your buddies on the local analog repeaters at the same time.

Most importantly, this is a great radio for use in a metropolitan area and has great potential for use with ARES or RACES. Also, I have lots of hopes to see a mobile version in the near future! Keep in touch.

Lastly, For under $90 this is a great dual band DMR radio in the market that you love to buy.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

Reading many of the reviews from the online site, you would assume purchasing this item is risky. Thus, you need to go through the features of radioddity GD-77. That makes more sense indeed.

Dual Time Slot Tier 1 & 2

GD-77 shows the better output when it goes with a hotspot device and repeater. Moreover, GD-77 belongs to dual time slots Tier 1 and Tier 2, which ensures the uses of  the repeater by 2 people simultaneously.

SMS Function

Honestly, you will feel cool when you can use your GD-77 like a cell phone that feature sending text messages from one radio to another.

However, there is a bar to the limit of sending messages and it is up to 32 pre-made SMS messages.

Lastly, be careful while sending message and make sure to input your Radio ID through PC programming.

Emergency Button

The another great feature is its emergency button. The orange button on the top is used for sending an alarm signal to another radio. Thus, it seeks for emergency help from other operators nearby.

PC Programming

Interestingly, GD-77 is configured with a plug and play USB cable that helps you to program your radio according to your choices through the computer windows.

  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Updatable software & firmware support
  • Lightweight
  • Good in metropolitan areas
  • Budget-friendly
  • Programming not friendly on Mac and Linux.

If price is your first criterion, I want to recommend you this radio. You won’t get this radio with good durability at this price for sure.

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5 of 10 TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band VHF/UHF Handheld Two-way Radio

TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band VHF/UHF Handheld Two-way Radio

If you are looking for a solid dual-band handheld, you should give this one a good look. And you can’t beat the price either.

Moreover, this one is crowned with a number of good to great qualities which are the great value for the money.

Most importantly, the radio comes with a color LCD display giving it an extra cool look that crosses the customers’ heart.

Besides, the encryption function is the very cool feature of MD-UV380. In addition to that, it is compatible with mototrbo tier T&U.

On top of that, MD-UV380 belongs to a hi-technology, gentle and smooth design that provides you with a stable, reliable and efficient communication service.

Last but not the list, the radio is the combination of digital and analog mode and you can confidently use both the digital mode and analog mode in one radio.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

It would have been nicer to be able to select a product without knowing the features of the product.

Unfortunately, It is quite difficult to select a product without learning the features and that would be great. So, the wise are always keen to learn the features of the product they buy.

Text messages in digital mode

The thing will be great when you can use your radio like your cell phone. Interestingly, you can write sms and send it to the another radio operator nearby in a digital mode.

Different types of call facilities

It is one radio and you can use it for different types of calls like group calls, private calls, and all types of call in digital mode. Amazing! Aren’t they?

International Certifications

MD-UV380 has achieved the recognition from CE and FCC which is the great thing for the authenticity of the product. Thus, you can feel relaxed to choose this DMR radio.

Multiple Channels and Contacts

Incredibly, this DMR provides you with 3000 channels and 10000 contacts. Besides, it transmits clear voice communications and clear operation display as well.

  • Decent sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear voice communication
  • Software is the main problem

Though it’s one of the best model products, it’s the cheap DMR radio with high-quality material. Thus, if you’re a budget-friendly customer, I would recommend you the TYT MD-UV380 DMR/Moto TRBO Radio on the top of your priority list.

6 of 10 TYT MD-380 DMR/Moto TRBO Radio

TYT MD-380 DMR/Moto TRBO Radio

Straight out of the box, TYT MD-380 is undoubtedly a great product for the all walks of customers especially for the amateurs.

This radio belongs to good receive and transmit audio. Moreover, the basic need of the customers is to have the access to analog repeaters. Thus, this radio offers full support of analog repeaters including CTCSS and DCS.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

If you are new to DMR, then it is quite difficult to choose the better one for your use. But don’t worry. I have brought some features for your experience and good understanding about this DMR radio.

USB Programming Cable and software

Interestingly, TYT MD-380 features an USB Programming Cable and software. Thus you can download a software and transform it to your radio through the usb programming cable and then you can easily use the software on your radio.

Powerful battery

A 2000 mAh  lithium polymer battery is the source of  its power. Once you charge it, your radio will run on it for 10-13 hours very easily.

Colorful LCD display

All the inputs given are visible on the colorful LCD display the radio belongs.

Multiple Channels

1000 channels are in the capture of this radio that are really amazing for the amateur users of the DMR radio. This channels pave the way for the users to talk with multiple groups.


The radio is not a burden for you rather it’s very handy and you can pack it on your luggage pocket. It weighs 1.55 pounds that is 0.70 kg. Awesome! Isn’t it?

  • Good for amateurs
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Lack of compatible digital path

If you are new to the DMR and think about the price, then you are really worthy of this TYT MD-380 radio.

7 of 10 Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band DMR/Analog Two-way Radio

Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band DMR/Analog Two-way RadioThe Baofeng DM-1701 is a very good dual band, dual time slot DMR Radio that performs well in both analog and digital modes.

Out of the box, the radio seems ruggedly built and well made for the price. The screen is bright, clear, and easy to read and the cool think is it will serve your professional business purposes  as well.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

Baofeng DM-1701 has impressed thousands of its customers with all features it has. Let’s have a look at the features it belongs

Multiple Communication Efficiency

The most noticeable feature of DM-1701 is its multiple communication efficiency as it supports up to 3,000 channels, 10,000 digital talk groups, and 120,000 Contacts in one radio. This is really an incredible facility for the users of DM-1701.

SMS Function

Use it like your cell phone. You can send the texts to the other operators and vice-versa. However, condition is applicable there. You can only send or recieve 144 characters and less than 50 lines.

Multiple Customizable Keys

The DM-1701 is designed with five user-defined keys based on user habits. Three side keys are used for default setting,  blank setting keys are P1 & P2. The cool thing is that the users can change their setting by PC programming.

Military Quality DMR

Design for both commercial and amateur usage, the DM-1701 has high quality housing, strong spring belt clip makes it more portable.

1.77″ color TFT Display

The large display has given it an extra look that encourages the purchase intention of the buyers. you can easily see the operations on the its large display.

Larger Capacity Li-ion Battery

The DM-1701 has entered into the market with a 2200mAh Li-ion battery. Most importantly, it provides up to 18 hours working time and 48 hours standby time.

Besides, if you compare this battery to that of others, you will find it lasting 30% longer than the other DMR radios.

Lastly, It weighs 1.5 pounds that is very handy and you need not to have an extra baggage for this.

  • Good for amateurs
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Digital & Analog Compatible
  • Updated Software & Firmware Support
  • Easy to program
  • The volume seems to be a bit lower ( Someone complained)

The radio overall is a good device for the amateurs. You may like all the features it has to offer at a great price.

8 of 10 Yaesu FTA550 Handheld VHF Transceiver

Yaesu FTA550 Handheld VHF Transceiver

FTA550 is an exceptional radio in the market. This one offers service much better and feels more rugged as well.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

You won’t be fully able to know about a product only by seeing the reviews of the customers. To learn more about the product, you have to know about its features in details.

Portable Two Way Radio

You won’t find anyone who doesn’t love a two way radio. FTA550 is a dual band radio and you will get both digital and analog facility. Moreover, its portability grabs the customers’ attention.

Multiple Channels

Around 200 channels you can use with this radio though it is comparatively lower than any other DMR radios in the market.

LCD display

The very cool feature of FTA550 is its LCD display that defines its valuability.

  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Good built
  • Good audio quality
  • Easy to program
  • Battery is a real headache
  • Difficult to install AA cells
  • The squelch is extremely loud

If you are looking for a medium grade DMR radio for your personal use, then you can give it a try.

9 of 10 Wouxun KG-D901 LED Flashlight Dmr Digital Two Way Radio

Wouxun KG-D901 LED Flashlight Dmr Digital Two Way RadioAre you looking for a radio that is waterproof, dustproof, rainproof at a time? If you do, then this radio has arrived for you.

Moreover, it is a DMR kit that is a power saver LED flashlight walkie talkie with 1000 channels and 2000mAh battery capacity.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

The features of this DMR radio are unbeatable for the money. Here is the short brief of the features. Let’s shoot-

English Voice Guide

If you are  not from english speaking country then don’t worry, this radio features english voice guide that will direct you to learn the english voice or guide you.

MSG Send and Receive

There is an option for sending and receiving msg from one operator to another.

Remote control facility

Most interestingly, you can control your radio functions with the remote and it is very easy indeed.

  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Good built
  • The sound is pretty good
  • Easy to program
  • The software is not easy to understand

This radio is for those who are casual users and look for good quality DMR radio in an affordable budget.

10 of 10 TYT MD-9600 Digital/FM Analog Dual Band DMR Radio

TYT MD-9600 Digital/FM Analog Dual Band DMR Radio

Are you looking for a big budget radio? If yes then the MD-9600 Digital/FM  is for you. It can take pride in its qualityful features. For example, it belongs to 3000 channels and 10000 contacts.

Moreover, it is an amazing radio overall. I especially love the fact that it does analog and dmr mode.

Besides, the radio is built with quality parts and microphone works great with the key pad as well.

Finally, the speaker is very loud and clear and you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Quick Glimpse on the Key Features

Without knowing the features of a specific product, the purchase is very confusing and cumbersome. So, learn the features and decide to purchase!!!

GPS Function

Interestingly, you can know the whereabouts of your team with the GPS function facility in your DMR radio. Tracking is a very easier option for this radio.

Emergency Alarm

Luckily, you can find your mate when you are in danger or emergencies only by pressing the emergency button.

Colorful LED display

The attraction of the customers is multiplied with its colorful LED display that paves the way to the users to learn the operations quickly.

  • The speaker is very loud and clear
  • Good built
  • The sound is pretty good
  • Audible button beeps
  • Programmable multifunction key
  • Cloning capable
  • The software is very frustrating

If you look for a DMR radio better than expectation, then TYT MD-9600 will be in your shopping cart.


What things You should take into considerations while buying a DMR radio?

As a smart customer, Out of the best DMR radio available in the market,  you need to choose the right one for your use that fits your all requirements like budget, features, and qualities.

Moreover, Some criteria that you should evaluate while deciding to make a purchase of a DMR radio.

Besides, You will be making design preferences that have both negative and positive impacts on certain qualities of DMR character, quality of the radio and capability when you choose one set over another.


Before adding the product into your shopping Cart, You need  to know the exact specifications of the product.

The common thing that you might forget while shopping is the compatibility of the product. So, Learn the best DMR that is more compatible with your business and your personality.


All DMR radios tend to come at a higher cost because they are specially manufactured for only the bigshots.

But don’t be scared away from buying the best DMR on the grounds of a tight budget.


Select your radio with the most number of channels. If you go with a handsome budget, you can choose a few number of channels. For a better and comprehensive service, you can take vast number of channels of the radio .

Size And Weight:

Size is one of the most important criteria for choosing a DMR radio. Select a size that can be placed into your chosen place.

Moreover, weight is an important driver for choosing the best quality DMR.

Audio Quality

One of the important factors for choosing a DMR radio is its audio quality. The better audio quality means the more attraction of the customers towards the radio. 

Programming Cable

Generally, a DMR radio comes with different types of programming cable. Mainly programming cable is used to program the software from the computer to the radio. The USB programming cable is visible in the market and most customers use it.

Battery Quality

If your battery runs for a long period of time, then you can talk to your team without tension. The saddest fact is that you cannot charge your battery anywhere and anytime. So be sure that which product you buy has the long-lasting and durable battery.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Question 1: Do I need a license for DMR radio?

Answer: DMR radio comes into operation under 3 tiers. They differ from each other by the existence of licensing.

Tier I is license free in Euro zone. That means if you are in european continent then you can enjoy the license free radio operation.

But, the radio under the second and the third tiers needs licensing for the operation.

Question 2: How does DMR coverage compare with analog?

Answer: The actual coverage of the DMR network is measured to be much better since the quality of voice remains the same round the whole service area.

Question 3: Can I combine voice and data on one channel?

Answer: DMR works with both voice and data services and on a trunked network and you can dynamically allocate the channels to the service that is mandatory.

Question 4: What is the maximum DMR network size?

Answer: A Tait DMR network can grab at most 20 nodes and 2,000 logical channels or 200 sites at most.


I have come to the end of our best DMR radio review. I have tried to enclose all the significant features and functions you intend to know about the DMR radio.

If you are a hiker or mountaineer and love to hike and travel for fun and enjoyment, the DMR radio is the must option for you then.

Thanks for going through this article. Have you ever experienced the best DMR radio or decided to buy any of them?

If so, feel free to let me know your buying experience by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to share this article with your gang or social sites. Hope, you have funny and interesting hiking and traveling with a good quality DMR ham radio!

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