Hf Vertical Antenna No Radials

Best Hf Vertical Antenna No Radials in 2022

If you are buff in radio, then only a best hf antenna can quench your thirst. There are different types of antennas available on the market. Today, We will talk about the best hf vertical antenna.

You know why?  Because it will give you some benefits over other types of antennas, and they are.

  • Space-saving
  • Emergency communication
  • High-frequency

Again, every single hf vertical antenna comes with individual virtues. But you are the only one who knows the best requirement for you.

Hence, we have arranged a list of some standard hf vertical antennas so that you can pick the antenna that fits your requirements. Let’s shoot.

What is an HF antenna?

best Hf Vertical Antenna No Radials

HF stands for high frequency. It uses the ionosphere. We can see its usages in maritime two-way radio communications.
Moreover, Hf radio antenna is used for emergency communication, broadcasting, and aircraft landing.

Why Do You Need The Best Hf Antenna?

Don’t you want a solution to many problems? Relax, You aren’t that much foolish, I believe. So, enjoy the benefits what you will get from a standard Hf antenna. Let’s move.

Less space consumption

I will definitely appreciate the vertical antenna due to its less space consumption.
Technically, a vertical antenna comes with a small and compact size which requires less space. If space is an issue for you, I will welcome your decision while buying a vertical hf antenna.

Compatible with Ham Radios

A ham radio always requires an antenna. What if you choose a vertical hf antenna for your ham radio? It will be a game-changer for receiving signals from distant areas. How great it is, Isn’t it?
Most significantly, a vertical antenna is fully compatible with ham radios even when you are in recluse places.

Clearer Conversation

Disturbances in the conversation are really something that you never want. Using a good quality Hf antenna will catch the clear networks. Eventually, you will enjoy a clearer conversation.

A Glimpse at Some Of The Best Of The Bests

best hf vertical antenna

10 Best Hf Vertical Antenna Reviews

Each product on our list comes with individual virtues. So, it’s your duty to get your favorite one. Go and choose your product.

1. SE HF-360 Fibre Glass Vertical (Best Hf Vertical Antenna No Radials)

SE HF-360 Fibre Glass Vertical Radial Free Antenna 80 to 10 METRES

Purchasing a standard antenna is a big challenge nowadays. However, many manufacturers are bringing good-quality antennas. Among them, Sigma Euro-Comm Ltd is a well-known manufacturer to deliver standard antennas.

Now, we will talk about its excellent product SE HF-360. It comes with so many enlightening features. At the very first, I will appreciate its portability.
Being so lightweight, none even feels a little bit of pain to transport it. Also, it is mountable anywhere.

Most importantly, it’s tuning through an external ATU is much easier than Hustler 6-BTV Vertical antenna’s. With this little piece of equipment, it is easy to transmit and receive clear signals to and from very long distances.

Again, The HF-360 is a “radial free” vertical antenna, and it comes in 4 parts. 3 fiberglass poles with 1 whip made of stainless steel. Being inexpensive, probably it is one of the best choices. But its finish bothers me a lot.


2. GRA-1899T multiband HF VHF (Best Mobile Hf Antenna)

GRA-1899T multiband HF VHF (80m-6m) 3.5-50MHz Handheld Portable Telescopic Antenna Max QRP for YAESU FT-817 FT-817ND FT-818 FT-857D MFJ X5105 or KX3 ICOM IC-705, BNC

GRA-1899T is one of the best multi-band hf mobile antennas, and it is for mobility. Most importantly, it comes with a BNC connector.
Again, its building material is stainless steel. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any doubt about this antenna.

Many people buy EMCOMM III for its lightweight design. But the fact is that GRA-1899T is much lighter than EMCOMM III. It is an ideal choice for hiking, backpacking, and other recreational purposes. Setting up this antenna is pretty straightforward.

Its great reception is another factor that you probably fall in love with it. For portable use, overall, it is one of the best portable hf antennas out there.
But something about this antenna disappoints me, and it is its length. This antenna could have been slightly longer.


3. ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole (Best Multiband Hf Wire Antenna)

ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole Antenna Poly-Stealth

Perhaps, ZS6BKW is one of the most promising dipole antennas available on the market. Its speciality is that it tunes up on all bands and gets out well. Again, its rigid construction has given it a handsome score to be one of the best HF dipole antennas out there in the market.

One thing I can say about ZS6BKW is that it is a perfect choice for 20 and 40 meters.Admittedly, its leg is 47′ while its ladder line comes with 39′ length. If I talk about ZS6BKW and MFJ-1778 antennas, there is a bit of difference in their performance or the same.

On the question of reliability, you can expect more promising outputs from ZS6BKW compared to MFJ-1778. You might have a complaint about its weight which seems to be slightly heavier.


4. Sigma EUROCOM SE-HF-X80( Best Multi-band Hf Antenna)

Sigma EUROCOM SE-HF-X80 Vertical Radial Free Antenna 80 to 6 METRES

Sigma EUROCOM SE-HF-X80 is a standard antenna from Sigma EUROCOM, a renowned antenna manufacturer. Its collapsed height isn’t more than a meter. Therefore, you can easily slip on the boot of a car for rough work.

Most importantly, you can quickly assemble and erect it. Many people look for an antenna that can work on all bands efficiently. Thankfully, SE-HF-X80 can work on all bands 80 through 6 meters. It comes out to be with healthy construction.

Perhaps, there are many better antennas on the market, but for simplicity, small footprint, and price, SE-HF-X80 is something great for use. However, the walls of this antenna are thin, so these are problematic.


5. HFJ-350M Toy Box Original Comet Portable 9 Band (Best Portable 9-Band Telescopic Antenna)

HFJ-350M Toy Box Original Comet Portable 9 Band Telescopic HF Antenna with 160M Extension Coil

HFJ-350M is an excellent tribute to those people who have been struggling for ages to find out a reliable vertical Hf antenna. It separates into 4 parts which will give you a sense of portability. These parts are the telescopic part, a 160-meter extension coil, an 80-meter loading coil, and the base unit.

Most importantly, you can remove the 160m extension coil and 80m loading coil if you would like to use a 40m band. Surprisingly, a jumper is available to hook up with the base station to change the band less than 40m. And you can easily change the frequency.

Again, it is easy to install, and you will find it easy to tune with a good antenna analyzer. With this antenna, you will get So239 Male Bnc to connect the sections of the antenna. Also, a right-angled connector is available there.

Overall, it is a compromise antenna, and at least it is more versatile than the Elecraft AX1. However, it is slightly heavier than the Elecraft AX1.


6. MFJ-1778 G5RV Wire Antenna (Best Hf Dipole Antenna)

MFJ-1778 is a large dipole antenna with lots of quality features. Let’s start with its solid solder joints. It comes with a balun at the twin lead end. Again, a tuner is available inside this antenna. And, the tuner can tune all bands except 80m and 160m. However, it is frustrating.

If it had tuned all bands, including 80m and 160m, it could have welcomed more customers. And, its design looks classic but surprisingly, its hardware is modern and updated. Interestingly, you can enjoy quality signals from MFJ-1778 G5RV Wire on each band all day long.

It’s no wonder that it is a great antenna as long as 102 ft. You will find it even more compact it requires one support used as an Inverted-V or Sloper. Its 32 feet long ladder-line matching section ends in a SO-239 coaxial connector.
On top of that, MFJ-1778 G5RV is more efficient than MFJ-1778 G5RV Jr in performance. The favorite thing about this antenna is that you can set it up in several configurations.

Again, purchasing it is so easy due to its low price tag. In addition to that, its materials make it solid.


7. OPEK HVT-400B HF/VHF Multi-Band Mobile Antenna ( Best Multi-Band Mobile Antenna)

OPEK HVT-400B HF/VHF Multi-Band Mobile Antenna

OPEK HVT-400B is a water-proof multi-band mobile antenna. It is made of a rigid fiberglass core. Most importantly, it comes with shortened HI Q design. Moreover, narrow SWR bandwidth is one of its important characteristics.

Many people use it for base stations or portable antenna. Additionally, you can pick it for mobile installations. This antenna comes in 2 sections. One is an 18-inch long coil section, and the other is a 36-inch long whip.

On top of that, it comes with an excellent report with all bands, including 80m. Interestingly, its cord is long enough to reach your transceiver from your rooftop.

It is too lightweight. Hence, anyone, even a child, can transport it from one place to another. But the only disadvantage which can bother you is the exchange of the plugs in the antenna.


8. Hy-Gain AV-18VS( Best HF Antenna for Small Garden)

Hy-Gain AV-18VS 10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80 Meter HF Vertical Antenna

Hy-Gain AV-18VS is an antenna that fits the bill. The significant benefit of this antenna is that it is easy to assemble. For limited space, it works great. It is all about some pieces of aluminum tubing attached with hose clamps.

Most significantly, it has a loading coil at its base, which gives you the taste of precision antenna resonating.

Again, it is a perfect antenna for shortwave listening. And, it is more affordable but shorter than AV-18HTJR.

The problem with this antenna is very frustrating. If one wants to change the frequency band, he/she needs to go to the antenna to change the tap on the coil


9. Super Antenna MP1DXMAX Low Profile Tripod (Best Low Profile Tripod VHF Portable Antenna)

Super antenna is a renowned manufacturer in the antenna market. MP1DXMAX is one of the best deliveries from this manufacturer. Wide band coverage is one of its characteristics. But, most significantly, MP1DXMAX gets higher TX power than most of the loop antennas available on the market.

Customers find the whole antenna system very light and easy to assemble. How amazing it is!!! Isn’t it? It’s no wonder that it is an excellent product for antenna-challenged communities. On top of that, it is a big fan of mobility.
Again, the wire for the counterpoise doesn’t entangle up badly due to its slickness. The cool thing about this antenna is that you can use any HF band and 2M on the same coax at a time. So it’s a big game indeed.

I must appreciate its built quality. It’s so lightweight, and everybody can transport it to his workplace. MP1DXMAX is more reliable in performance but heavier than MP1C. And, I’d recommend MP1DXMAX to anyone who travels with their radio, does frequent fieldwork, emergency tour, or rush journeys.

However, don’t ever think of magic from this compromise antenna. It is just a good antenna for its portability and easy setup. That’s it.


10. Super Antenna MP1C All Band ( Best Indoor Hf Antenna)

Super Antenna MP1C All Band HF VHF Ham Radio Portable MP1

Let’s end the review journey with another excellent delivery from Super Antenna, a well-known antenna manufacturer. MP1C is the new version of MP1B and comes with lots of reliable features over MP1B. For example, Auto-Clutching SuperSlider was absent in its older version, MP1B.

Very significantly, you can extend this antenna up to 2.1 M while in operations. So it’s a perfect antenna for indoor and outdoor use. If I go for a direct comparison between MP1C and Australian Outreach Outbacker, I must say that both use 3/8ths screw mount, but MP1C works excellent in both indoor and remote areas.

While Australian Outreach Outbacker works great on the apartment’s balcony. Interestingly, MP1C’s whips and mast sections are tremendously workable. Besides, its shock cord whips are exceptionally cool.

I must add that it is one of the best mobile hf antennas transmitting and receiving on HF and VHF bands.

Again, I recommend it to the survivalist, Prepper Communications, and emergency communications. But I am disappointed with its poor design. The manufacturer needs to improve this antenna’s overall quality, including design.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hf Vertical Antenna

best multiband hf wire antenna

Choosing a standard vertical antenna for Hf is something that you can’t ignore. You know the products from the different brands come with individual characteristics.
Many people purchase products without even knowing the exact specifications and features.
At the end of the day, they suffer from the purchase. So, without knowing much about a particular product is a job of a fool, Isn’t it?
So, let’s consider some crucial factors to seal a great deal with the best Hf antenna.

Antenna Gain
Gain for an antenna is a crucial factor that should centre on your head before buying a piece of Hf antenna.
What does an antenna gain actually refer to? An antenna gain refers to the intensity of a wave that acts as the booster of the efficiency of an antenna.
The higher the antenna gain is, the more efficient the antenna is. However, it isn’t always true that an antenna with higher gain will perform better.
Ask yourself? Whether your area is weak to capture signals or you live on a hilltop. If so, then you better take an antenna with higher gain. Thus, it will give you a proper signal even on the distant land.

Construction Material
If you aren’t in a hurry that much, be sure about the material used in the antenna’s construction.
However, an antenna is small stuff. So there is no headache that it would be heavier.
But, breaking anytime is an issue. If the material is solid and sturdy, then you shouldn’t fear its breakage.
In fact, there is less record of breakage of the vertical antenna if it is made of solid and sturdy material.

Easy Installation
No man wants hassle in life. An easy installation system of an antenna is undoubtedly a good choice for the users.
Finding difficulty to set up your antenna will surely bother you. So, what the heck do you play with an antenna, giving you lots of pressure to install?
So, buy a vertical antenna that comes with a more straightforward installation process.

Being portable means being lightweight. A piece of equipment needs to be less weighty, and only then it will be mobile.
So why do you need the best portable hf antenna for you? Did you ever ask yourself?
A portable Hf antenna is easy to transport. Besides, You can make yourself free from the installation hassle.
Hence, give the word ‘portability’ into your thought while buying a Hf vertical antenna.

Frequency Range
Very few things of a vertical Hf antenna are as crucial as the frequency range. Frequency range is the food that an antenna consumes to gather power for working.
A high-frequency antenna can support you to take over the highest range of bandwidth.
Having high frequency means that you can accede to the most number of channels you would like to tune.
So, never be bothered to check the frequency range of the antenna you are going to buy.

You know a particular product from a well-known brand is the symbol of reliability.
Moreover, you can expect healthy construction from a well-known brand. So, it is a no-loss of the game while buying a Hf antenna from a reputed brand.

Some common accessories used with a Hf vertical antenna are a stand, tripod, antenna support, cables, and many more.
It is surprising but true that many well-known manufacturers provide these accessories while buying a Hf vertical antenna.
Hence, choose a manufacturer which provides these necessary things.

Vertical Antenna Vs Horizontal Antenna

These are the two most common types of Hf antennas people are using for their purposes. Let’s talk about them in detail.

1.Space consumption

best portable hf antenna

Less space consumption is the characteristic of a vertical Hf antenna. On the other side, a horizontal Hf antenna consumes more space.  So, you know yourself better. Choose a type which you like.


You will wonder that a horizontal Hf antenna is less expensive than a vertical Hf antenna. If you run short of budget, then owning a horizontal antenna is a good decision indeed.  Again, when your budget doesn’t bother you, a vertical hf antenna should be at your shopping cart. 

Some Basic Questions From People Regarding Vertical Hf Antenna (FAQs)

Question-1. Do I need a balun on my vertical antenna?

Answer: No. You shouldn’t use a balun on your vertical antenna. So what the actual need for a balun? A balun is a matchmaker between two entities like a balanced antenna and an unbalanced feeder. Technically, a vertical antenna is unbalanced. That’s why you don’t need to have a balun. 

Question-2. What are the three types of antennas?

Answer: These are as follows Omni-directional, directional, and semi-directional.

Question-3. Is a vertical hf antenna reliable?

Answer: Reliability depends on the material used to manufacture an antenna. If you choose a well-known manufacturer with fame in the antenna market, you can expect reliability from a vertical antenna. 

Question-4. Is a vertical hf antenna lightweight?

Answer: Yes, It is. A vertical Hf antenna is compact and small in size. So, being lightweight is its feature. 


Finally, we have reached the last part of our article. What I suggest you regarding antenna is that choose one of the best Hf vertical antennas

It will make your life enjoyable and give you hassle-free communication. In our list, you will find the best mobile hf antenna, best multiband hf wire antenna, best indoor hf antenna, and Best HF antenna for a small garden, and many more. 

We strongly believe that you have already selected your desired antenna. Let us know which one you are going to buy.  Don’t forget to share your experience with us by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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