Best Short Antenna For F150&F250 Review 2022

best short antenna for f150


As a ford truck owner, you cannot ignore the importance of a short antenna. To give your truck a stylish and smart look, you need to approach it with a short antenna.

A short antenna is always a good option for grabbing quality signals which are quite important for everyone.

So, looking for the best short antenna for F150 is quite logical especially when you own a ford truck.

Our today’s effort is to let you know the details of the short antenna and its all features and specifications.

To acquire every detail, stay reading this article till the end.

Benefits of short Antennas

Countless benefits have made this antenna a wonderful choice for the customers. Here are some benefits that are given below.

1. Clear Reception:

For great quality entertainment, a short antenna provides clear reception which drives to the clear audio quality.

2. Increase your entertainment options:

No matter how many music CDs you have in your car. Whenever you are bored with the recorded music and change the way to the entertainment, you can easily change the track to listening radio.
A short antenna can be a good driver to get the radio signal clearly and provide you a quality network.

3. Effective communication:

A short antenna renders quality and effective communication internally. Effective communication can bring a lot of entertainment and soothing in your driving.

7 Best Short Antenna For F150 Reviewed

1.Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150

Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150
Are you looking for the best antenna for your Ford F150 models 2009 to 2021? If so,  Then Rydonair antenna is one of the best choices for you?

It comes with a spring support that makes it flexible. Its premium quality rubber material makes it durable and long-lasting even in bad weather conditions.

You will find this thirteen inches modern-looking antenna compatible with all models of Ford 150 2009 and onward. It’s a 31-inch heightened metal antenna that provides you with more coverage of the frequencies on-road and off-road.
This model is quite simple to install. You don’t need any tool for fixing it with your hands. Therefore, you can fix that antenna in a couple of seconds.

It provides you with better reception services for FM/AM signals without any distortion. There do not include warranty cover but it offers you one-year guarantee cover.


Weight of Item : 2 ounces
Dimension of Antenna : 52 by 2 by 2 inches
Brand  :  Rydonair
Display Features :  AM/FM

Top Features:

  • Prime quality rubber material makes it durable
  • Suitable for Ford F-150 and onward models
  • It comes in a stylish and modern design
  • Thirty-one inches long metal antenna
  • It has excellent resistant against harsh weather
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • It is only suitable for model 2009 and onward not for others

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2.RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna

RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna
Ronin Factory Bullet antenna is one of the best antennas for your Ford model F250, F150, F350 and Dodge RAM models. It comes in a bullet style that most of people cannot know that it is an antenna.

You will find that antenna durable because of its aluminum material. While you see, it looks the same as the bullet hard.

No matter which models of ford and Dodge ram you have it will be compatible with all models. You just need to replace it with your existing antenna with ease.
Unscrew the old antenna and screw it with your fingers without any screwdriver or other tools within a couple of moments. For fixation, all the necessary items are available in its packing.

Stainless steel and aluminum materials

have made that antenna long-lasting and durable. You will find it a suitable resistor against sunlight and weather effects.


Dimension of Item  : 6.4 by 1.3 by 1.3 inches
Manufacturer  :  Ronin Factory
Model Number  : Dodge Ram Antenna
Weight  :  3.98 ounces

Top Features:

  • Compatible with all models of Ford and Dodge Ram
  • Comes with simple installation features
  • Aluminium and Stainless steel material used
  • Offer resistant against wash and harsh weather
  • Anti-theft design make it unique
  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Simple to install
  • Bullet style
  • Many times single distortion problems faced (customer review)

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3.The Original 6 3/4 Inch – Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

The Original 6 3/4 Inch - Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

Do not worry and wash your cars with ease without any tension of damage to your antenna. This model has excellent resistant against car wash and lousy weather effects.

The manufacturer offers you a guarantee of 2 years if there occurs any damage after car wash. Its specification is acceptable that ensures its durability during use.

Rugged stainless steel and good quality rubber material make it more robust and flexible to use. No matter how much weather is hot, it will not affect your antenna. You will find it a resistant for 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will never find its match in receiving signals of AM and FM. It will provide you with excellent features such as easy installation, durable, distortion-free signals and guarantee cover for replacement.


Weight of Item : 2.64 Ounces
Dimension of Item : 6.93 by 3.03 by 0.39 inches
Manufacturer : Votex
Material used : Stainless Steel.

Top Features:

  • Provide you tension free car wash
  • Strong and durable with stainless steel
  • Provides you 100% satisfied performance
  • Easy to install on your vehicles
  • Imported quality design and model
  • Two year guarantee cover
  • Affordable
  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Good performer
  • Easy to Install
  • Not suitable for heavy duty vehicles


4.Racing 1 Short Antenna 3.25 Inch

Best Short Antenna For F250

We have found during research another best model for your Ford F150 models 2009 to 2017. It is a short and straightforward length antenna that ensures excellent communication and transmission services.

There is no better antenna than racing 1 short antenna that comes in a tiny size of only 3.25 inches. Its short length makes it simple to adjust and install any place.

It comes with a premium quality metal that ensures a great resistant against harsh weather conditions and hot temperature. Due to its small size, you can easily park your car at any place without worrying about the damage to your antenna.
You will find it durable and good performer due to its stainless steel and rubber mix specifications. Never miss a frequency, and it is compatible with all radios.


Dimension of item  : 3.25 by 0.5 by 0.5 inches
Weight of Item : 1.04 Ounces
Display Features  : Wireless
Manufacturer  : Racing 1

Top Features:

  • It is compatible with Ford F150
  • Its installation is quite simple
  • Stainless steel and rubber mix make it durable
  • Offers strong resistant against weather conditions
  • Now no need to worry during parking of your vehicles
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Not compatible for Ford models after 2017


5.RONIN FACTORY Antenna fits Ford F150 F250 F350 Super Duty

Another Antenna that we have selected from the stock of Ronin factory is its 4 inches antenna that fits on Ford and dodged Ram all models.

If you were searching a simple, affordable, and modern technological features antenna for your Ford truck or Ram truck than you will not better option than this model.

You will find it suitable for your ford and ram trucks while you park them no need to worry about theft because of its anti-theft design. It is not easy for other people to know that it is an antenna.

Its small and tiny size makes it compatible with other vehicles too. No need to worry about its installation, all the required materials and tools included in its packing.

Its splendid material makes it durable against car wash and weather effects. A lot of features are included in that antenna to make it a unique antenna.


Dimension of Antenna  : 5.71 by 3.11 by 0.31 inches
Weight of item  : 1.76 Ounces
Manufacturer :  Ronin Factory
Color  : Black

Top Features:

  • Compatible with Ford and RAM truck all models
  • It comes in a modern design
  • Offers you tension free parking
  • Easy installation features
  • It has good strength against car wash
  • Simple design
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Good Performer
  • Lightweight
  • Not compatible with vehicles other than trucks


6.Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2020

Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2020

Another perfect quality Rydonair antenna that fits with Ford F-150 models after 2008 is the best antenna that ensures distortion-free communication.

It is a suitable antenna that comes in seven inches height and in a modern and stylish design. Its bottom is manufactured with carbon fibre that helps it to remain in the right balance.

No worry about the reception of the signal, it makes you able to cover all the frequencies for FM/AM. You will never find an affordable match of this antenna in the stock.

Its simple installation features make it excellent for the users. Just fix it with your fingers without any other tool support. You will find all the accessories in its packing.

Now you can adjust it at any place on your truck without any tension because its durable material has an excellent ability to bear shocks and weather effects.


Weight of Item : 1.27 Ounces
Dimension of Item : 9.69 by 2.44 by 1.06 inches
Model number  : 8542133316
Manufacturer  :  Ryndonair

Top Features:

  • Compatible with Ford F150 models 2009 to 2020
  • Easy to install on your truck without screwing
  • Seven inches rubber antenna
  • Durable with quality rubber material
  • Provides you access to AM and FM frequencies
  • Compatible
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Not compatible for models before 2009


7.VOFONO 7 inches Antenna Compatible with Ford F-150

Vodafone 7 inches Antenna is the best antenna that suits with Ford F150 models 2009 to 2020. Its premium material makes it durable and a good performer that ensures distortion-free communication.

It include unique features that make it best antenna for you such as its spiral-shaped design, flexible rubber material pad and copper material inside wires.

You do not need to worry with its installation only 30 seconds will be enough for the replacement and installation of that antenna.
Get rid of antenna removal practices during washing of your vehicles, its material make it good performer against wash and weather effects.

You will get access to AM and FM signal without any distortion at any long roads in far and long-distance area. It is compatible with all CB radios.

One of the perfect thing in that antenna we found is you can fit at any vehicle, you will find it compatible.


Weight of Item  : 1.59 Ounces
Dimension of Item :  7 by 0.5 by 0.5
Color  :  Black
Manufacturer :  VOFONO

Top Features:

  • Easy installation features
  • Great reception features for AM and FM
  • Water proof features ensures tension free vehicle wash
  • Premium quality rubber and steel material
  • No fade or break problems
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable
  • Compatible
  • Not compatible with models before 2009

Things to consider before buying the best short antenna for F150 And F250

I never suggest you go to the market and get a short antenna. A reckless decision can affect your purchase which can result in damage lot.
Always remember that you aren’t buying a toy rather you are buying a short antenna that is essential for your truck or your car.

Purchasing a quality short antenna could be expensive, however, you should keep in mind that quality costs a little bit more.

Is only the price everything to be considered before buying the best short antenna for F150? Not at all. A lot of factors are out there that make a short antenna outstanding and complete.

Today we will discuss those factors which you can take into your considerations to seal the best deal.


Durability is always a top priority when buyers tend to have a short antenna. Try to learn the mechanisms and their used materials.
Always keep in mind that, solid and effective materials always yield a good quality product and it lasts long.
Therefore, before fixing the decision to buy a short antenna for F150, you should count this feature and specification.


Avoid buying those products which don’t bear any type of warranty. When you buy an antenna with no warranty card, you will definitely lose the game.
Without a warranty, you cannot seek help or repair from the manufacturers or the dealers when you find your antenna stops working due to some technical problems.
So, it is quite preferable to have an antenna with a warranty despite being a little bit pricy.


The cable is one of the important factors you need to consider before going for the final deal. To avoid any type of problems on the road, you need to select the short antenna cable because you might face problems while passing under the bridges or other road restrictions.
So, it is suggested to choose short cable while reaching the buying decision.

FAQ  About best short antenna for F250 & F150

Question-1. How do I lower the antenna on my f150?

Answer: To get this job done, simply you can release the tall antenna that is already built on your ford f150.
You can do this simply by turning it counter clockwise. To get simply pop it back on and involve the threads in a clockwise motion until fastened and tightened.

Question-2. Why does f150 have an antenna?

Answer: Basically, the height of the antenna denotes the clearance height of your truck. Whenever, you pull into garages, parking lot, etc.. your antenna will get hits, your truck will bump.
To be careful with this issue, you can simply move with a short antenna in your ford truck or car.

Question-3. Can I put a shorter antenna on my truck?

Answer: Many truck drivers prefer the external look of a shorter antenna. Besides, they like to have some factory length antennas which is extended to high and strike the garage door frame.
Moreover, you can purchase a comparatively shorter replacement antenna, or you might spend a little bit lower and shorten your existing one.


When you buy a ford truck, you have to think about its style and look. Getting a short antenna for your truck can be a worthy investment.
In our article, we have made a list of the best short antenna for F150 to make everything clear and effective for you.
But out of these products, the turn is yours to pick the right according to your budget and other requirements.
But still, you look for the help of us to identify the perfect one considering all factors, then we feel free to recommend you to pick Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2021.
When you look for an affordable option, our suggestion will go to
But be sure you take the right product that will meet all the requirements and needs of you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us whether you get the right product or not.

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