What Are The Best Radios for Am Dxing in 2022

Have receiving and identifying signals from distant parts of the world become your inveterate habit?  No Problem!!! Many people like you on this planet are great fans of this habit. The easier way to nourish this habit is to keep the best radio for Am Dxing.  A Dx radio unit opens up a marvelous world of radio at home or when traveling outside. A standard Dx radio unit mostly offers

  • Receiving signals from distant areas
  • Separating two different waves of signals
  • Confirming the reception report of a listener

But, nowadays, it is a bit hard to distinguish the good and bad radios. Manufacturers are very competitive. And, they make their radios perfectly. There is little difference in the quality of the radios. But, fortunately, our researchers have got to work extracting out some, and here’s what they’ve discovered.

Radios for Am Dxing review

Quick list Of Radios for Am Dxing

Best Radios for Am Dxing

Reviews on Best Radio for AM Dxing 

All the radios on our list are enriched with sparkling features. From our list, you can find at least one which fits your bills. 

1. C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave

C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave

If you look for radio for emergencies and day-to-day uses, then the radio for you on our list is C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave from C. Crane.  C.Crane has a reputation for delivering great quality radios for AM Dxing. The CC Skywave has lots of sparkling features to mention. Let’s start with the LED display light and  LCD display unit. Its decent selectivity can easily separate the two closely different waves of signals. Luckily, the radio doesn’t suffer from digital artifacts as it has adequate RF shielding for the DSP chips. 

One thing I can tell you blindly is that the CC Skywave is better than  C.Crane’s CCRadio-SWP pocket radio in performance, reliability, construction, and speaker sound. However, its  Skywave’s backlit LCD display is smaller than CCRadio-SWP’s. Again, the buttons on the front of this radio are almost similar to CCRadio-SWP’s. 

Do you need a good-quality speaker?

Fortunately, Crane’s speaker sounds very good. So, you can’t put a question mark on its sound quality. Another cooler advantage of this radio is the availability of multiple bandwidths, unusual cases in most radios of this size. What if your radio is so easy to operate, lightweight, compact, easy to program at a time? 

I believe It’s a wonderful feeling to have all these things on the radio. The CC Skywave is a radio that includes all these things at a time. Overall, it’s a great quality radio with weather information. Sadly, the radio eats batteries very fast. It is a major problem with this radio I have found. 

Key Features:

  • Its intuitive layout allows its users to use it easily and gives superior performance. 
  • Ability to reduce signal interference and giving you a quality service
  • 2.3-26.1 MHz Worldwide shortwave coverage
  • It comes with multiples bandwidths and it is so easy to cycle through the widest bandwidth to the narrowest one by pressing the bandwidth button 
  • It comes with Airband, allowing you to hear pilots, crews, and air traffic
  • 2300-26100 KHz frequency coverage on HF band
  • Its scanning feature scans SW broadcast bands
  • Its wakeup timer alarm wakes you up at the right time you set
  • Its headphone output will give you fantastic sound quality

2. Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL

Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL

Up next is Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL from TECHSUN.  TECHSUN delivers radio for AM Dxing which is easy to use and program. Also, it is an expert at manufacturing full-fledged radio products. 

Though the Tecsun PL-880 is a chinese product, it has been one of the best radios for AM DXing due to its huge array of features.  The Tecsun PL-880 is easy to tune all bands  through separating main tuning and fine tuning knobs. And, this system is much better than the typical auto switching  tuning system of the PL-660.

Functionally, it can be compared with the same category radio, Sangean 909x. Both are similar in almost all features. But, the PL-880 doesn’t report any sensitivity issue while Sangean 909x reports sensitivity issue which is a no-go for a DXer. 

I must appreciate its battery life. It is very excellent. The charging system is through USB. It means one charger for your several electronic gadgets like phone, Ipad, radio will do the job while going for an outing. 

Also, AM, FM, and MW receptions are all good to count. Most importantly, it comes with two dial tuners: One for 5 or 10KHz steps and the other for 1 KHz steps. Its search feature isn’t something that many high-quality Dx radio units come with. And this feature allows you to rapidly search the band. 

One of the great things about this antenna is that it has a 20′ long wire antenna and connector which are just awesome. Despite all these things, making this radio great for use, its sync detector seems to be very poor.  But for the money, the PL-880 is overall a great radio for AM DXing to buy. 

Key Features:

  • It features 450mW audio amplifier along with 3 watt mylar speaker, making high frequencies crisp, low frequencies audible, and midrange frequencies even much clearer
  • It comes with 25 pages, containing 100-250 memories per page per band. Its auto sort function can easily sort bands and frequencies through discarding the duplicates
  • It features sleep timer, direct keypad entry, an internal ferrite bar AM antenna
  • It includes an external antenna jack and has simple tone control
  • It comes with 4 different bandwidths settings, giving you different tastes of different bandwidths. 
  • A stainless steel telescoping antenna and a long wire type antenna are available with this DX unit
  • It comes with dual tuning knobs: one for fast tuning and the other for well tuning 
  • A nice padded case, a great charging cord, earbuds, a removable  Li-Ion 18650 battery, well-organized English user manual
  • Having 100 kHz to 519 kHz longwave, 520 kHz to 1710 kHz midrange wave, 1711 mHz to 29,999 mHz shortwave coverage
  • Its charge indicator shows you whether your battery is charging or not. Also, is shows you the status of the battery whether it is full or empty

3. Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Rece

 Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Rece

Does classic radio appeal to you a lot? If the answer is yes, then  Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Rece is the perfect deal at your hand. It is a great delivery from Sony, a giant electronic gadgets manufacturer in the world. Sony is a Japanese company and has a great reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable electronic gadgets. 

Sony ICF-SW7600GR has lots of spectacular features to mention. The sensitivity, synchronous detection,  selectivity, and SSB reception, all these things you can’t imagine in a tiny radio. But this tiny radio has all these things. How amazing it is!!!! Isn’t it?

The users of the previous model, ICF-SW7600, can easily see the difference between the radios. From the users’ views, the main advancement of ICF-SW7600GR is 100 presets rather than 10 on the previous model. 

Again, the GR is bigger, and the antenna that comes with GR is longer and more substantial than what ICF-SW7600 had. The UTC and local time are available on this radio. Overall, it’s a compact, lightweight, well-made classic radio. 

However, its average battery life could disappoint anyone very easily. Plus, its backlight could have been slightly brighter.If you overlook these negative issues, then this radio could be a great piece for your day-to-day uses. 

Key Features:

  • Its synchronous AM feature tends to reduce interference
  • Its  adjustable attenuator control being effective during strong signals 
  • Its station select programming function, tuning in your favorite stations with a touch of a button
  • Its lock-out feature prevents unauthorized access and the use of the buttons while the radio is on your backpack
  • It comes with a retractable antenna and SW schedule booklet
  • It comes with a LOCK slider, preventing any changes and shutting off the wake-up timers
  • The sync lock helps you to listen to weak stations 

4.Grundig/Eton S350 AM/FM/Shortwave Field Radio with Alarm Clock

Grundig/Eton S350 AM/FM/Shortwave Field Radio with Alarm Clock

If you look for a radio that is versatile, well built, intuitive, and easy to operate, then Grundig/Eton S350 won’t disappoint you. It has many surprising things to give you. Let’s start with its long antenna, giving you ease of reception.

Another surprising thing to count is the small compartment for 4 AA batteries inside the battery compartment. Now tuning for SW stations with this radio is just fun due to the LED lighted dial of this radio.

Do you want to record the programs? With the two RCA sockets, the radio records the programs smoothly. And, these sockets are very handy as well. Also, reducing the noise on more distant FM stations is just a breeze with its STEREO/MONO switch.

Apart from all these surprising issues, its size bothers me slightly. To my eyes, it is a bit bulky. Plus, the battery compartment cover seems to be flimsy. However, if you can manage these issues, you can extract out the best from this radio.

Key Features: 

  • FM Stereo delivers great quality with your own headphones
  • It features an AC adaptor, giving the users a great performance
  • Having the old vintage touch, a great option for classical stuff lovers 
  • It comes with many analogs bands you can select with a digital display

5.Retekess V115 Shortwave Radio

Retekess V115 Shortwave Radio

If you look for a radio for the senior citizens of your home, then this radio won’t let you go for other radios. I love its sound quality. Despite being a little piece of radio, it comes with a powerful speaker with a great amplifier.

You don’t need to give yourself a headache to seek the radio stations. The auto-station seek function built in this radio helps you find the stations you want to listen to. The radio takes a standard battery used in cell phones BL-5B or BL-5C. So, a battery you can use for two purposes: For radio and cell phone.

Many high-end radios come with only LCD screens, but this radio comes with a full matrix screen besides LCD screens. Another sparkling option with Retekess V115 not available in other radios at this price point is the option of clearer and easier MP3 operation.

However, many people are fed up with the user interface, which appears poor and not intuitive.

Key Features:

  • 99 Memory settings, giving the users the taste of standard radio
  • Digital readout of frequencies along with MP3 song information
  • Awesome SD card playback, giving you a wonderful refreshment
  • Quiet buttons for late night use

6.Sangean PR-D7 BK AM/FM Digital Rechargeable Portable Radio

Sangean PR-D7 BK AM/FM Digital Rechargeable Portable Radio

We will finish our reviews with Sangean PR-D7, one of the best radios for AM DXing.Waking up everyday at a certain time is something hard for you? No worries!!!!

Sangean PR-D7 features Dual alarm, HWS (Humane Wake System) buzzer or music. You will find these alarms easy to set. Remember, once you set alarms, it will stay set from day to day. And, you are out of the hassle to set the same alarms every day.

The buttons of the radio come with soft rubber texture, giving the users ultimate comfort.They feature many standard radios on the market don’t have that Sangean PR-D7 does, is red LED light. The blinking red LED light indicates the battery is charging. The light going off means the battery is fully charged.

It’s easy to use and very pleasant in appearance and I must appreciate its nice backlit display.The tone quality appears to be simply great and many people desire this quality. So, having this radio can at least meet your desire.

PR-D6 is the previous model from Sangean. Some sparkling features like Dual alarm, premium materials, and great sound quality PR-D6 lacks where PR-D7 shines. However, PR-D6 can beat PR-D7 with price. But, the FM reception seems to be slightly poor. If FM isn’t your major interest, then this radio covers all the things you need in a radio.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a telescoping rod antenna
  • Glossy black finish on the front
  • Voice audio on AM seems very clear and easy to understand 
  • Large and clear display, giving you intuitive performance
  • Wonderful sleep mode you can use all the time
  • Excellent sensitivity with digital tuning locks on to the frequency

Some Criteria to Judge a Radio for Am Dxing ( Buying Guide)

Some Criteria to Judge a Radio for Am Dxing

Everyone should judge a radio before buying it. Judging a radio, whether it is good or not, is a very simple task. You can look for some features in the next radio you are going to buy. These features are:

  • Frequency Range: The first thing you should look for in your next radio is its frequency range. The poor frequency range can frustrate you. If your expectation is to cover a certain distance, then you need to buy a radio, covering the certain distance. So, before buying a radio, make sure the radio comes with your expected range of frequency. 
  • Selectivity: Separating two different signals, close to each other, is challenging for any radio. A poor DX radio always fails to separate these issues. Selectivity is something that separates the two waves of signals even though they are very close to each other. So, the best radio for Am Dxing must have “Selectivity”. Because, you can’t call some radios best when they come without “Selectivity”.  Hence, you should look for this feature in your next DX radio unit to enjoy maximum success. 
  • Battery: If a radio is your regular companion, then keeping a good quality radio is necessary. Rechargeable AA batteries are the power source of the majority of DX radio units. You should keep a battery that lasts a long in a single charge. So, make sure your next DX radio unit comes with a good quality battery. 
  • Reception & Sound Quality: The speaker, the reception system, and sound quality, all these things should be your major concern before buying an Am Dxing radio. A poor sound quality and faulty speaker are always frustrating for the users. So, don’t endanger your life with a radio having poor quality sound, faulty speaker and typical receiving method. 
  • Portability: A handy piece of device is always a covetous thing to choose. A fashionable person always prefers a portable option to a heavier one. Plus, travelling a long distance with a portable is much more comfortable. So, don’t deceive yourself with a weighty piece of AM Dx radio Unit. 
  • Display: A Dx radio always looks goofy when its display is either tiny or so large. So, choosing the moderate size of display can be a soothing option for the Dx radio operators. Plus, the display should show all the frequencies while tuning the receiver. So, counting this feature before buying your next Dx radio unit will be appreciating. 
  • Construction: The quality material used in the construction of a Dx radio unit testifies the durability and reliability of the unit. So, before purchasing your next radio, check what type of material the manufacturer has used to construct the Dx radio unit.

Some Questions People Frequently Ask( FAQs)

Frequently Ask Questions About Best Radios for Am Dxing

1. How do I get better reception on my AM radio?

Answer: A Ham radio operator always uses an external antenna to boost up the radio signal. So, keeping an external radio antenna can help you to get better reception on your AM radio. 

Plus, you can place your radio either in the open place or near your window to enjoy better reception on your AM radio. Besides, you can remove your electronic gadgets that bar the radio signals. 

2. Are Sangean radios any good?

Answer: Like Panasonic and Sony, Sangean produces great quality radios. So, you can expect better feedback from its radios. 

3. Which is better, AM or FM?

Answer: FM comes with better sound quality than AM while AM is better for receiving signals from distant areas. 

4. What do AM and FM stand for?

Answer: AM and FM, both are types of modulations. AM stands for Amplitude Modulation while FM stands for Frequency Modulation.


Once you have a radio for AM DXing, you can enjoy lots of things other than Dxing. Listening to music, sleeping, communicating, etc., are the most common things you can enjoy. 

Many people enjoy Dxing as their favorite pastime. We know that the easier way to enjoy Dxing is just a Dx radio unit.  We have discovered some best radios for AM DXing, and any of the above could be your favorite one to buy.  So, don’t think roundabout and buy a Dx radio for spicing up your habit of Dxing.

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