Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna Reviews

Top 5 Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna Reviews 2022

Do you know the most challenging part for ham radio users? You will wonder to know how difficult the period is when you get low connectivity during an emergency communication. Many people get frustrated. You ask why?
Well, they can’t choose the best quality antenna for their ham radios. As a result, they doom their adventurous journey.

So, keeping a standard antenna for your ham radio can give you a better ending.
Now, what is the standard antenna for ham radio? 2 Meter Mobile Antenna is a perfect and standard accessory for ham radio, and it will boost up the reception of the network. How amazing!!! Isn’t it? But there is a problem.
Choosing the best one for a newbie is slightly challenging. We will write about the best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna in detail for both experienced and inexperienced ones.
Ready?? Let’s go……

Top 5 Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

Benefits Of Using 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

Poor radio connectivity on your ham radio is disturbing. In the modern world, technology has given us an excellent way to change the whole system. Using 2-meter mobile antenna is a game changer to provide you with lots of benefits. And these are given below.

1.Better Reception

When cellular connectivity fails to provide better connectivity, the game of a 2-meter mobile antenna begins. Many people use ham radio. And using a 2-meter mobile antenna on your vehicle can get a better reception when you are off track or in a rough place. So, keeping a 2-meter mobile antenna is a wise decision indeed.

2.Emergency Communication

People are very obsessed with smartphones and the internet. But they have almost forgotten about the magic of antenna for ham radio. What if you find no internet connection in a distant area? I am sure you must face some serious problems then. Always keeping in touch with the nearest ones while going outside is your moral responsibility.

So, in the time of emergency communication where cellular network fails, you need to have a ham radio with a 2-meter mobile antenna. It will help you to catch the grid even when you are in a restricted place. So, in this sense, you cannot ignore the benefits of using a 2-meter radio antenna for your vehicle.

3.Long time conversation

Who doesn’t love long-time conversation with his/her acquaintances without interruption? Dropping the calls frequently during conversation is irritating. So, think about the permanent solution to this problem.An excellent solution is, you should keep a 2-meter mobile antenna for your ham radio to get a better network.

This antenna is much more helpful in establishing a long-time conversation between two parties.

4.Easy to Use

Lots of devices are available on the market. How many of them are easy to use? Many people find a 2-meter mobile antenna very easy to use. Mounting it on your vehicle is so easy, and it doesn’t require much knowledge. For the data transmission and reception, you can interact with it with computers. How amazing it is!!!! Isn’t it?


Price is a sensitive part when people buy a particular product. Most people don’t get the desired product due to excessive price. But the good news is that the 2-meter mobile antenna comes with an affordable price tag.

So, you can get this high-yielding product at a reasonable price. It is perhaps one of the greatest benefits for people who are with a tight budget.

Best 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

How Much Should You Spend to Buy a Standard 2M Mobile Antenna for Your Ham Radio?

Many people are bored with the poor network when they go outside for adventure or any other purposes. Among them, many people use a low-quality antenna for the reception of the network. It costs more and more. So, why don’t you be an owner of a standard 2-meter mobile antenna?
Now, purchasing a 2-meter mobile antenna needs a very affordable price. However, Price depends on various factors like design, size, types, and other related issues.

On average, you need to spend $30-$40 to buy one of the best 2M mobile antennas. On the other hand, you need to pay a little more if you want to buy a decent 2-meter mobile antenna.
So, ask yourself how much you can afford. And your budget will influence your buying decision.

Our Selection of 5 Best 2M Mobile Antennas

Like any other ham radio accessories, 2M Mobile Antennas are available with different types and brands. Therefore, it is so difficult to buy the best-quality 2M Mobile Antennas at a reasonable price.
The section below is designed for you to choose the desired one from our selection.
So, let’s roll on.

1.Magnetic Mobile Antenna

Magnetic Mobile AntennaOne of the most budget-friendly 2-meter mobile antennas for ham radio is Magnetic Mobile Antenna Ham Radio 2 Meter.
The amazing fact about this antenna is that you can use it with Mobiles as well. You will find a thin cover on the magnet’s base, and it will prevent your paint job from any type of damage.
You may concern about its power putting-out? Don’t worry. It can manage 29000r at full power. How interesting it is, Isn’t it?

The strength of a mag mount is essential for an antenna. Thankfully, it comes with a solid mag mount.
One of its beautiful aspects is its pulling ability for both VHF and UHF channels. Surprisingly, this dual-band antenna requires less maintenance. In addition to that, it comes with an adapter cable.
Again, its lightweight design will help you to carry it anywhere. However, someone complained that this antenna is cheaply made.

Key Features:
• It transmits 140-160Mhz & 430-470Mhz
• It comes with a magnet mount
• Attached with 12ft coax cable
• Having a PL-259 connector
• Manufacturer: Workman
• Weight: 0.16 ounces
• Product Dimensions: 17 x 2 x 4 inches
• Item model number : EL-PN-47348398


2.Workman Magnetic Mobile Antenna-Best Budget-Friendly  2m/70cm Mobile Antenna

.Workman Magnetic Mobile Antenna-Best Budget-Friendly  2m Mobile AntennaIn our list, the second-best 2-meter mobile antenna is Workman Magnetic Mobile Antenna.
Workman has been a well-known manufacturer among people. Amazingly, the overall weight of this antenna is 18 inches.

The cool side of this antenna is that you can disconnect it from the base whenever you wish.
Surprisingly, it comes with a solid magnetic mount. If you are a Ham Radio operator, then it is a quality deal at your hand.

Its flexibility is helpful to avoid any obstacles to the bridge. Sadly, the antenna is slightly heavier in comparison to other brands available on the market. Another disappointing side of this antenna is that it is not waterproof.
Additionally, you can’t use it for the CB antenna for a pickup truck.

Key Features:
⦁ It comes with a strong magnetic mount
⦁ It transmits 140 to 150 and 440 to 470 MHz
⦁ Having a PL259 connector
⦁ Manufacturer: Workman
⦁ Weight: 17.6 Ounces
⦁ Item model number: 13


3.Comet SS-460SB -Best Dual-Band Mobile Antenna 2m/70cm

Comet SS-460SB -Best Dual-Band Mobile AntennaComet presents a dual-band mobile antenna that has entered the market with sparkling features. Most importantly, it comes with a spring that helps your mobile antenna from breaking in almost all situations.

Its length is 18 inches which effortlessly captures the quality network even when you are in distant areas. Its maximum power is 60W. Again, its lightweight design will charm you. It is only 4 ounces which equals 0.11 Kg. Amazing it is!!! Isn’t it?

Moreover, it’s a budget-friendly mobile antenna that has already crossed the hearts of many customers. But the matter of disappointment is that it doesn’t come with coax and mount. If you want these, then you must buy them separately, and these will charge an extra penny.

Key Features:
⦁ It comes with a spring base
⦁ Attached with UHF connector
⦁ Manufacturer: Comet
⦁ Weight: 4 ounces
⦁ Product Dimensions: 18 x 1 x 1 inches
⦁ Item model number: SS-460SB


4.Anteenna TW-Z504 -Best lightweight 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

Anteenna TW-Z504This antenna is perfect for people who look for an antenna used in a Ham Mobile transceiver. One of its spectacular features is its length. You know what? A long antenna is perfect for grabbing the network.

Thankfully, its length is 18.5 inches which are perfect for the reception. Its maximum power is 50W. The manufacturer can boast of its price, which is comparatively lower than many other brands available in the market.

Most significantly, it pulls both V.H.F. and UHF  channels. The only negative issue is that it is slightly heavy.

Key Features:
⦁ It transmits 144/440MHz
⦁ It comes with less than 1.5 V.S.W.R.
⦁ Attached with UHF Male antenna connector

⦁ Manufacturer: Chiko Communications
⦁ Weight: 5.6 ounces
⦁ Product Dimensions: 18.58 x 2.76 x 1.57 inches
⦁ Item model number: TW-Z504


5.Firestik 2MCKB -Best 2M Base Antenna

Firestik 2MCKB -2M Base AntennaRemember that it is a base antenna, not a CB antenna. This mobile antenna comes with solid fiberglass construction.

Moreover, its 19 gauge copper wire has added tremendous value to it. Again, it features 3/8″-24 base threads.Its standard SO-239 base helps this antenna to attach with any UHF (PL-259) terminated coaxial cable.

The height of its assembly is 49″. Again, it comes with a 44″ diameter radial circle.Its height is 48,” and its maximum power rating is 400 Watts. The amazing fact is that this antenna is covered with  PVC shrink tubing, which is white and UV stabilized.

Interestingly, you find it very easy to assemble. In dry weather, this antenna works great. The installation process is easy. In addition to that, its straightforward and straightforward mounting will catch your hearts. But the weird part of this mobile antenna is that it doesn’t have bolts. And, it is so heavier than any other mobile antennas available on the market.

Key Features:
⦁ Made of solid fiberglass
⦁ It comes with mounting and assembly hardware
⦁ Attached with 20″ radial

⦁ Manufacturer: Firestik
⦁ Weight: 38.4 ounces
⦁ Product Dimensions: 57.5 x 2.4 x 7.8 inches
⦁ Item model number : 2MCKB

Things to consider before buying a 2-meter mobile antenna

We have listed the five best products. Out of them, you may choose one. But you don’t know how to choose the best one. Well, intelligent people always pay concentration on some specific points before picking the right one.

So, here are some factors that you should take into your considerations before going for the final shot. Let’s move on…


The building material is one of the essential concerns for prospective buyers.There are some particular types of antennas available on the market. One is a metal whip, and the other is a fiberglass antenna.If we compare these two, then the latter is ahead of the former considering all their features.

However, both are high-quality antennas. Fiberglass antenna comes with a lower noise floor which is fantastic, Isn’t it? Fiberglass antennas are versatile and come with the ability to receive networks in low-height profiles. So, fiberglass is a better option than the metal whip. Then ask yourself which one you buy.

2.Antenna Length

Metal whip antennas work well when their length is higher. Many home antennas come with higher heights. So, to get a better signal or network, you should choose a longer antenna over a shorter one.


It will be an awkward scenario when you find your favorite mobile antenna breaks down in a shorter period. Customers demand quality and durability. And, durability comes only when manufacturers use quality and solid materials to build the product. When you buy a mobile antenna, make sure you choose one which is robust and sturdy to withstand any damages.


A versatile product is amazing. It can use for different purposes. Your mobile antenna should be flexible for different uses. Once you buy it for a particular task, make sure to serve you for other purposes.


If you don’t find your antenna easy to manage or operate, then it will add an extra burden to your existing stress. So, take an antenna that is user-friendly and make sure it won’t be an issue for your extra burden.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Question-1. How long is a 2-meter antenna?

Answer: The meter antenna comes with different lengths. Most of the ground plane antennas you can recognize when you see its appearance. The radiating element of this antenna is crucial, and this element comes with 1/4 wavelength long. In addition to that, it features 19 inches, especially for a 2-meter band.

Question-2. Can I use a CB antenna for 2 meters?

Answer: Yes, you can. Many CB antennas are perfectly matched for a 2-meter antenna.

Question-3. How far can you talk on 2 meters?

Answer: The average range is about 25-30 miles. However, some repeaters, when they are in high locations like hills, mountains can transmit as far as 75 to 80 miles.


As a ham radio enthusiast, you should keep a standard 2M mobile radio antenna. If you choose any antenna that is no match for your experience, it wouldn’t be easy to go with.

Hence, you need to think about the 2M mobile antenna, which is perfect for experiencing pleasant connectivity even in a distant land.

Therefore, looking for one of the best 2M mobile antennas will help you get signals smoothly.

According to our research Firestik 2MCKB 4 Ft -122 Cm 2-Meter Base Antenna   is a perfect and standard 2m mobile antenna for people. And it will allow you to enjoy the excellent communication.

Again, try your level best to extract out detailed information to help you choose a 2m mobile antenna that fits your all needs.

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