Best Handheld Ham Radio Antenna

Top 5 Best Handheld Ham Radio Antenna Reviews-2022

Come to the fact. Just having a handheld ham radio doesn’t mean that you enjoy high-quality communication.
Without an antenna, you will be stuck in interrupted communication. Hearing the clear-cut voice during emergencies is a must.
But, it is so hard to find any handheld ham radio without an antenna that can ensure clear-cut communication.

So what do you need? A straightforward answer is here. Get the best antenna for handheld ham radio to give your ham radio an extra bit of spice of assertive communication.

Oh!!! You are confused still, but for what?
Purchasing the best handheld radio antenna out of numerous brands and collections is a little bit tough, We know. But, don’t give your brain much stress.
We are here to help you out with some quality and standard handheld radio antenna boosters to make everything simple and breeze. Let’s roll on……

Top 5 Best Antenna for Handheld Ham Radio

Handheld Ham Radio Antenna Reviews

How to Choose The Best antenna for Handheld Ham Radio?

It is a widespread phenomenon that people buy a product without judging it. Again, it is tough to extract out the standard one from different collections. Many people waste money when they buy a typical product. We know a handheld radio antenna is a crucial accessory for your Ham radio. And, you can go even a second smoothly without a standard antenna.

So, we will tell you some criteria that will help you choose the standard handheld radio antenna. Here we go.

1.Cable length

A shorter cable restricts you to mount your antenna in a fixed place. You can mount your antenna anywhere only when your antenna’s cable is long enough. So, if you want to enjoy the freedom of choice to mount your antenna anywhere, then longer cable has no alternative.

2.Antenna Band

If we talk about antenna bands, the common bands that come to our mind are H.F., V.H.F., and UHF. Dual-band performance for a ham radio antenna is an ideal option. Both UHF and V.H.F. should be available on a standard antenna.

3.Antenna Size

A smart customer always thinks about the size of a product. The ideal size of a handheld radio antenna is handy. Again, you are to carry a handheld radio to any place. Therefore, a small antenna is easy to move with the ham radio.

4.Antenna Gain

What does actually antenna gain refer to? Antenna gain is the efficiency indicator of an antenna.The units which measure antenna gain are called decibels, in short dBi.  dBi indicates the power of your antenna. An antenna with 5dBi  comes with a power range of 500 feet.  So, if you expect a more powerful Ham Radio antenna, higher dBi is strongly encouraged. However, a higher gain doesn’t yield a high-quality antenna.


Small size and lightweight stuff are always portable. A portable antenna you can mount everywhere. So, choose an antenna that is easily portable and mountable in any position and place.

5 Best Antenna for Handheld Ham Radio Reviews

1.Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-24J 16.2-Inch Ultra

Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-24JLet’s start our reviews with one of the standard handheld ham radio antennas, the NA-24J. The most important thing about this antenna is that it stays strict on the roof of your vehicle, even at a higher speed.

So what is the reason behind it? It is the powerful magnet on its base. Again, this magnet doesn’t damage your vehicle’s roof as a rubber pad covers it.
And, NA-24J has seen remarkable improvements in quality, materials, performance, and safety to the UHF amplifier over the NA-771.
Its lengthy cable, split connectors, and storing magnet don’t damage the paint of the vehicle. How amazing it is!!!! Isn’t it?

It is so much lightweight. In other words, I can say that it is a super-lightweight ultra-flexible version of the 771. Also, NA-24J is a perfect antenna for people who go for wilder actions. Being pretty low, its SWR is a perfect match for its size. Moreover, it gives you the taste of excellent signal quality in the case of short-range reception. And, for the medium-range reception, it appears to be a good quality antenna.

Do you know a longer whip-style antenna is an excellent antenna for longer-range communications? Thankfully, such an option is readily available on NA-24J.
The exciting part about this antenna, I must mention, is that it is so bendy, and you can keep it in your pockets.
This tri-band antenna comes with an O-ring that fits nicely inside the circular housing of the radio case. The only problem regarding this gear I have found is the adapter which it includes. The adapter seems not to be durable enough though it still gives you superior quality performance.


2. Diamond (Original) SRJ77CA 144/440 MHz Handheld Ham Radio Antenna

Diamond (Original) SRJ77CALet’s welcome another best handheld ham radio antenna which is Diamond (Original) SRJ77CA. The resonant frequency of this antenna is approximately 165 MHz. Again, you will find it easy to screw on and screw off. In addition to that, it gives you pretty good transmission up to 50 miles away.

My favorite part regarding this antenna is that it gives a solid connection to the radio without the adapter. Diamond (Original) SRJ77CA yields a top-notch quality for its price. If you are confused with this antenna, whether it transmits and receives better power than rubber ducky and extension antenna, don’t worry.

Thankfully, It Substantially better transmits and receives power than the rubber ducky or extension antenna. Again, it is a flexible antenna, and you will find it more difficult to damage it even when you throw it on the concrete floor, It won’t damage either. The exciting thing about this antenna is that it’s not too tall, easily portable and, of course, well-built. It is more durable than an older BNC version of this model. The complaint I have about this antenna is its long threads, but you can cut it according to your needs.



3.Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band

Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Hum AntennaThe second handheld ham radio antenna is Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band on our list.  The amazing fact of this antenna is that its base can be used for other antennas with the same diameter. With this antenna, your ham radio can go up to 50W. One of its powerful parts is its magnet.

Now,  your antenna won’t slide and move from the mounting places as this antenna comes with a powerful magnet that is whole enough to cling it places. But be sure you properly clean off the magnet before the installation. Again, it comes with excellent SWR.

You can use this antenna for your ham radio using the metal surface area as the base station in a restricted apartment or condo. How amazing it is!!!! Isn’t it? Nowadays, many people look for a quality product at an affordable price. The manufacturer of this antenna has brought a piece of good news for them.

Now you can avail this small portable antenna at a low price. So, better connectivity is at your hand. One of its sparkling parts of its whip is almost 18-19 inches.  Also, Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band can bost of its reception and transmission efficiency.

Surprisingly, it can transmit and receive on the 144 MHz and 440 MHz ham radio bands. Its overall height is 19 inches. In addition to that, if you buy this antenna for your car, then there is a piece of good news for you.

What is that?

Its metallic antenna topper doesn’t fall off even though you drive wildly rush. Another cool thing is that the wire of it is wether-resistant. It doesn’t matter whether it is a heavy rainy or sunny day. You can use your antenna all year round without tension because the wire of it is made of stainless steel. But the disappointing factor of this antenna is its fragile and skinny coaxial cable. But the manufacturer could have made it even better though it’s not a significant fault of them. You can also read Top Dual-Band Mobile Antenna 2m/70cm



4. NSKI NA-774 SMA-F Female Best Handheld Radio Antenna Booster

NSKI NA-774 SMA-F Female Best Handheld Radio Antenna BoosterPerhaps, it won’t be wrong if I say NSKI NA-774 is one of the best handheld radio antenna boosters available on the market. Most importantly, it gives you the taste of an excellent signal on the local repeater. It is made of sturdy and solid materials.
It is pretty flexible. It is a perfect antenna for dual-band commercial ham radio. The manufacturer has improved its quality, performance, and antenna gain over NSKI NA-773.

Also, this booster is so much lightweight, and one can easily transport it from one place to another. Again, its maximum power is 10Watts. However, its V.S.W.R. is low, which is less than 1.5.

The noticeable point regarding this booster is its compatibility with many models of BaoFeng handheld radio like UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV-5RE, UV-5R PLUS, UV-3R.
It is also compatible with Kenwood handheld radio. Apart from these two types of radios, P.U.X.I.N.G. handheld, QUANSHENG handheld, W.O.U.X.U.N. handheld are also the perfect match with NSKI NA-774 booster. The only complaint about this booster I have is its longer whip which is sometimes a distressing part for someone.
However, you can change this longer whip and get another one according to your needs.



5. RH-771 144/430MHz U/V SMA-F Antenna

RH-771 144/430MHz U/V SMA-F AntennaOne of the most lightweight handheld ham radio antennas available on the market is RH-771 144/430MHz U/V SMA-F Antenna. It is lighter than TWAYRDIO RH-771. And, it is more flexible, powerful, and reliable compared to TWAYRDIO RH-771.

Its flexibility is a beautiful example of its sparkling features and its quality. Just after a couple of months of field use, you will find your antenna as before.
Being made of high-quality materials, it provides excellent performance in the outer and wilder field.

Its 2.15db antenna gain and 10watts power can quickly help your handheld radio to extend the talk distance. But the only problem I have found about this antenna is its short thread. It doesn’t have the “reach” for the cables to catch to screw this antenna on.

Advantages of using Ham Radio Antenna

We know a Ham Radio is an essential part for you when you need emergency communication.

Again, interruption in communication is distressing for the ham radio owners. Many intelligent people use the Ham radio antenna for higher connectivity.

And, an antenna isn’t just a piece of an accessory. Instead, it’s an emotion for Ham radio owners.

Due to its lots of advantages, it has been a popular part of Ham radio. Now, we will discuss its positivities for people.

Let’s shoot.

1.Capture more channels:

If we talk about an ordinary radio, then you only expect a limited number of channels.On the other hand, a handheld radio with a standard antenna can capture more channels, and you can easily enjoy different programs.

2.Rapid communication:

When smartphones fail to establish an emergency call, a Ham radio starts its game. A Handheld ham radio antenna gets a better reception than any other latest smartphones. Hence, in remote areas, using a handheld ham radio antenna is undoubtedly a worth action.

3.Group Communication:

Nowadays, group communication is so common in the community. You can make a group on your ham radio. Using a ham radio antenna on your Ham will cement the group calls, hangouts, and other related communication.

Again, you can share your knowledge, thoughts, and ideas with your nearby fellow hams. How amazing it is!!! Isn’t it?

4.Communication in Disasters:

We know disasters are adverse to nature, animals, and human being. During any type of disaster, communicating with nearby people for asking help is a must thing to do. But that time, mobile phone networks get hampered. So, what the alternative is?

Nowadays, rescue teams and military personnel keep ham radios, and they can communicate to people with these hams.  A Kenwood radio antenna booster expediates the connectivity of ham radios.

Frequently Asked Question(F.A.Q.):

Question-1. How high does a handheld ham radio antenna need to be?

Answer: Every ham radio owner prefers long-distance communications. An antenna at a higher station tends to receive more connectivities and longer-distance networks.120 feet higher station for an antenna can easily have access to the distant communications.

Again, 120 feet higher station will receive 8 to 10 times more connectivities than 35 feet.

Question-2. Can I use a T.V. antenna for  handheldham radio?

Answer: Yes, you can use your T.V. antenna for ham radio based on a condition. The frequencies of both antennas must be the same.

Question-3. Are handheld ham radio antennas dangerous?

Answer: Basically, using handheld radio antennas is a safe activity. However, there is a negative possibility of electromagnetic radiation (E.M.R.).  And, it throws harmful effects on a human being.

Therefore, taking precaution against this harmful effect can make everything safe


Handheld ham radio antennas are an excellent option for people like

  • Military personnel
  • Ambulance workers
  • Firefighters
  • Rescuers

Handheld radio antennas are also outstanding options for people who think life is adventurous and always go for adventure.

We hope that you will get your desired ham radio antenna for your hams.

And, the best antenna for a handheld ham radio will end all your problems when you are badly in need of emergency communication.

Again, spending some amount of money on a standard antenna is nothing big to lose. If you think that anything needs to be added, let us know by commenting on the comment section.

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