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How to Get HAM Radio License and Renew That License Easily

Get HAM Radio License and Renew

The world is heavily dependent on communication technology. Today’s world connects by complex forms of communication, namely cellular and the internet. These means of communication are straightforward but relay on massive infrastructure between two individuals communicating. If one section is breaking, the whole thing will crash. In terms of communication telephone serves, the internet is accessible, but in an emergency, the HAM radio system is an excellent alternative option.

HAM Radio

HAM radio is also known as an amateur. It allows for social and planet-wide communications when all other forms of communication fail in the case of amateur radio, which relays when two parties are involved. The electronic device depends on individual responsibility. A few things are needed to run, such as a power source, a radio, and an antenna. But some additional accessories will require to convert it for communication. There are two basic types of communication in HAM radio, which are short-range other is worldwide.

HAM radio license step by step

There are three types of HAM licenses which are technician, general and extra licenses. Most of the HAM users do have the first two licenses, and they can carry out their work. The process of getting amateur radio licenses is sequential. You need to follow some steps.

What do you need to know to get your license?

It is not an overly complicated task but requires some work to do. First, you need to pass the FCCs (Federal Communication Commission) technician license exam to receive your call sign. The exam consists of 35 multiple choice questions derived from publicly available 400 items. It makes the test easier. To pass, you need to get at list 26 of the questions right. Amateur radio exams cover four main topics: rules and regulations, operating procedures, basic electronic and simple amateur radio theory. The purpose of the test is to manage your amateur radio equipment in a responsible, safe manner and enjoy the HAM hobby.

Select study materials

Do not memorize the study materials. There are a lot of books where you can get information. Also, there are various online tools to teach the exam. There are plenty of video tutorials you can find internet. You can connect with clubs and groups for study. Try online reviews to test your skills and preparations. The exams will improve your examination performance.

Take the test

Volunteers administer HAM exams, and they will cheer you up. But this a professional examination, so you need to bring government-issued identification like a driving license or a passport. A minimum testing fee is required, which is $15, and all the exam materials are available. First, you need to pass the Technician exam, and then you can give a general test. If you win, then the license will be issued.

Things need to know for license HAM radio license:

Before renewing the license, you need to check the expiry date on the permit. Based on the expiry date, if it is 90 days away, mark it. However, the time is within 90 days, then go to the FCC official website and call sign into the form. Do not forget to write down the number under the FRN (Federal Registration Number) column. After that, press the register button if you acquire FRN log in. Next, within few days, FCC will send a letter consist of a password.

The password is the access to the site. If you want to know detailed information about renewing licenses, log in with your user identification. Remember went you open id, must provide authentic details such as mailing address, your name.

A different process for renewing a HAM license

Mainly three methods are there for HAM license renew. The system is straightforward and fast. But try to be careful while executing the process.

Through Online: If you are thinking of renewing the license without spending any money, then-FCC online is the best platform. Just go to FCC online base and follow the instruction. The process is relatively faster.

From ARRL: The full extension of ARRL is American Radio Relay League. Being a member of ARRL, you can get the privilege to use NCVEC 605 form and email. It allows them to interact with the league, making sure the renewal process is safe and faster.

Renewal through FCC: The traditional ways are to fill up the FCC form carefully and submit it directly to FCC. The process is smooth and seems faster. But if you insist online version, then you need to open an account on ULS (Universal License System) and create a robust and memorable password.


  • Go to the ULS license home and log in with the FCC registration number (FRN).
  • After entering in the welcome page, choose “Work on this license’ option from the menu located on the right hand. If your license expiry date is within 90 days or the two years’ grace, then the renewal will appear. However, lack of eligibility and the link will not appear.
  • Give the information as needed and review it and click to continue. You can modify your information.
  • A summary page will appear to show all the input information if needed to change, and then you may edit.
  • Rechecking all the information, submit it by choosing the “Continue to Certify button.”
  • For finishing the process, you must sign the application then press the submit button.
  • Finally, on the ULS confirmation screen, a print version link will come in the browser.

After submitting if you need to change information, then give it manually.


Final thoughts

Although phones and the internet are dominating the communication system, in case of emergency when the network is not available, HAM radio it the reliable of all. It is simple and effective in terms of urgent backup communication. The test process is simple so that more people can get along with it. To conclude, it is primitive but secure media of communication

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