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A Review on Whistler Trx-1: A digital Scanner in 2022

Now, becoming a policeman is so easy. Are you wondering? It’s not funny at all.  Unfortunately, in our surroundings, people experience lots of crimes and burglaries.  Hence, a police scanner can make you a policeman even at your home.  

So, keeping a police scanner at your home will give you an extra benefit to look into any suspects or incidents around your localities. Again, police scanners are available on the market with different virtues. Hence, you can’t rely on any typical police scanner. Today, I will take you round the best quality police scanner, which is the whistler trx-1.  Let’s enjoy the whistler trx-1 review. 

Whistler TRX-1 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio

What is Trx-1?

You must have heared the name of a digital handheld scanner. The Whistler TRX-1 is a tracking trunking scanner. Moreover, it can identify the suspects and report the incidents around you. Besides, it can monitor analog frequencies. 

Advantages of Whistler Trx-1

It has some unique benefits over other digital handheld scanners. So, let’s have a deep look into some of its benefits.

1.Easy to Use

Being user-friendly for a particular electronic device is appreciating. Thankfully, Trx-1 is user-friendly. Therefore, you will find nothing complicated about its functions. Its backlit Alphanumeric keypad, pause, skip, and all other buttons allow you to use it smoothly.

2.Create New Objects

Now, creating new objects like talk groups, sites is so easy with this digital handheld scanner.

4.Audio Recording

You can record audio and install it into your SD card built-in your scanner like a mobile phone. On top of that, you can transfer this audio to your computer for playback.

4.Micro SD Card

You will find an industry-standard  Micro SD Card in Trx-1. And you can store the RadioReference data library and other necessary programs into this SD card. 

It supports up to 32 GB and can store millions of objects at a time. How amazing it is!!! Isn’t it?

                        Review On Whistler Trx-1:

If you have a passion for advanced digital trunking features, Whistler TRX-1 is the right deal to seal. Whistler TRX-1 is a digital scanner from Whistler, a renowned radio manufacturer in the World. Many people find the scanner challenging to program. But the whole scenario is the opposite in Whistler TRX-1.

The scanner is incredible and easy to program. The exciting thing about this digital scanner is that you can customize it to install your tastes inside it. Again, it comes in solid construction with a heavy-duty case. If you are experienced, you can use EZ scan software on the computer.

With the zip code feature, it is so easy to program. And, its scanning speed and receiver quality will easily attract you. I have looked at the Trx-1 and the Uniden HP 436. Both are great radios indeed. But, I prefer the wraparound case of Trx-1. 

Again, Trx-1 comes with lots of improved features like more reliability, easier scanning, and more powerful in operation, compared to its previous version, Whistler WS1065. 

If you want to listen to police Fire-EMS in your locality, you can easily use your Zip code method. How simple it is!!! Isn’t it? It’s no wonder that everything you need regarding your state, the country, is programmed in this scanner. 

Moreover, it comes with an Ac adapter and a computer cable. In addition to that, two battery holders are available there. Interestingly, its programming is flexible. Again, you can use scan sets with the scan lists to tailor different scanning objects.

When listening is an emergency, but the battery is running out, you can charge while listening. However, many radio users prefer a knob for volume control to the up and down arrows. 

Again, its USB driver isn’t reliable, and it is too buggy. These things need to be improved. 

Some Sparkling Features Of Whistler Trx-1

Let’s have a look at some sparkling features of Whistler Trx-1. Here we go.

Whistler TRX-1 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio

1.Frequency Coverage:

It covers a wide frequency range from 25 to 1300 MHz. And, this frequency coverage is tremendously perfect for any police scanner. 

2.Analog and Digital Modes:

Analog and Digital are two standard modes used in hams. So, you will find these bands in the trx-1 police scanner.

3.Multi-color LED light and Audio Alerts:

One of its sparkling features is Multi-color LED light which gives access to the scanner for specifying objects. 

4.Storage Options:

It has a 2GB microSD card which comes with the USA and Canada Radio reference database.

5.Object-Oriented Scanning:

Object-oriented scanning is something that makes your scanning easier. The whole program comes based on your location. 

6.Channel Compatibility:

You will love its multiple-channel compatibility. Its compatibility range captures Motorola P25 Phase I, Phase II,  X2-TDMA. Hence, you can enjoy different channels, including MotoTRBO, MotoTRBO Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, Hytera XPT, NXDN, etc. 

What is in the Box?

The box of Whistler Trx-1 includes the following items.

  • An antenna
  • A 2GB MicroSD Card
  • A Swivel Belt Clip
  • A Protective Case
  • 2 Plastic Inserts
  • An USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

Comprehensive Review on Whistler Trx-1: A digital Scanner

TRx-1 Vs TRx-2 

Both are lovely deliveries from Whistler, a renowned radio scanner manufacturer in the world. However, we can see some minor differences between these two police scanners.  Let’s shoot.


People always prefer lightweight devices. Trx-1 is lighter than Trx-2. If you like a handy scanner, then Trx-1 is the right deal for you.


Price is the criterion that changes the entire game. The price of Trx-1 is slightly less than that of Trx-2.

3.Ease of Use:

Many people find Trx-1 easier to use than Trx-2. However, Trx-2 comes with superior performance and reliability. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Question-1. How do I factory reset my TRX 1?

Answer: At first, turn on your TRX 1 at the welcome screen. Then, press 0, 1, and Enter, respectively.  Thus, you can factory reset your TRX 1. 

Question-2. Is TRX 1 heavier?

Answer: No. It is lightweight. It weighs only 0.4625 Pound which equals 0.209786 Kg.  How light it is!!! Isn’t it?

Final Thought:

Whistler trx-1 is a single scanner that is useful for multiple purposes. Good scanning, programming, excellent audio quality, better reception all are the things you can expect from this police scanner. 


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