Can you take the ham radio license test online?- Test Details

Volunteer Exam Coordinators (VECs) who have been authorized by the FCC to conduct the exam administer ham radio license exams. While some VECs provide remote testing, the majority do not. But, can you take the ham radio license test online? Of course, you can.

You will need a webcam, Zoom apps, and maybe a competent proctor to conduct your exam, depending on which VEC you choose. Each VEC will have specific rules and guidelines that must be followed.

Ham radio license test Online Exam Details

Ham Radio license Test Online Exam Details

Online ham radio exams can be taken from the convenience of your own home by following the steps outlined below.

  • Examining under the supervision of a live video stream is more complicated than taking the exam in person. Only one candidate can be tested at a time. You will scan the room with your phone camera to ensure no one is cheating and ensuring the integrity of the exam atmosphere. You will be recorded, as well as your exam session.
  • To maintain the integrity of the testing environment, the VE Team at New England Amateur Radio, Inc. (NEAR) conducts video-supervised online testing regularly.
  • While memorisation is an option, it’s not the best way to learn the content. After reading and agreeing to the exam protocols on this page, make an appointment for an exam.
  • You must be well-prepared for an online ham radio test, or you risk failing.Get some practice in! Since you’ll be taking volunteers’ time and another candidate’s time slot, it’s up to you to be well-prepared. Check your scores on practice tests to make sure they are regularly higher than 85%.
  • Make sure you’re up to speed on the subject! The exam should take you no longer than 15 minutes to complete. The vast majority of questions are comprised of brief and straightforward topics. From the time of setup until the time of completion, they allot 20 minutes per participant. 
  • Unless you have made prior arrangements with the test team for numerous exams, you may only take ONE exam each session due to the difficulty of administering exams online to one individual at a time.
  • When you pass any portion of the exam, the exam manager will issue you a CSCE with your digital signature on it, which you should preserve for your records.

Top clubs that offer ham radio license testing online:

The following are the best organizations to take your amateur radio license exam online:

Aurora Amateur Radio Group (AARG)

Anybody can get a remote examination from the Aurora Amateur Radio Group on Kodiak Island, Alaska, thanks to a group of enthusiastic volunteers who serve their community with honour and dedication. We aspire to help those in need in America by combining compassion, leadership, professionalism, and technical innovation from the 21st century. If you are interested to know more about it, please visit their site. 

Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC (GLAARG)

When it comes to remote testing, the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC (GLAARG) has stepped up to the plate. The GLAARG team has had positive results and experiences with several of our pupils.

New England Amateur Radio (NEAR)

Earlier this year, the New England Amateur Radio Association (NEAR) appeared on a radar screen, and students have been raving about their testing experience with the NEAR. Unlike GLAARG, they don’t ask for a proctor’s help and just go through the motions. Before you begin, be sure to review their policies and procedures.

Anchorage Alaska VEC

Most ham radio tests can be taken online; however, the Anchorage Alaska Amateur Radio Club has done so for the most prolonged period. They also work hard to keep the testing system’s integrity, in addition to their exam software and logistics.

As a result, working with AARC may involve some delays. They also need a proctor, which means doing additional legwork to track down a proctor that fits the bill. As long as you have access to a proctoring system, Anchorage can administer examinations even if you do not.

Wrap up:

Hoping that now you got the answer to the question, can you take the ham radio license test online? It’s time to prepare. Ensure that you have studied for the exam and efficiently achieve the 74 percent passing grade before contacting a VEC. Take a free class or look at our guide on how to earn a ham radio license if you need help getting started. Best of luck!

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