Top 3 Best Dewalt Jobsite Radio(Loudest) in 2022

Perhaps, you have known Dewalt as the manufacturer of power and hand tools for construction. In fact, Dewalt has been famous among people for its wonderful manufacturing equipment. But, have you ever heard that Dewalt also makes radios for Jobsite? It’s true that Dewalt manufactures the loudest radios for Worksite. The Dewalt radios are water-resistant, durable, and loudest. 

If you are looking for the best Dewalt Jobsite radio to enjoy the loudest music, then it’s the right place for you to choose the best one from our list. Today, we will walk you through a list of the best Dewalt radios for Worksite. Let’s go.

Quick list Of Dewalt Jobsite Radio

Best Dewalt Jobsite Radio

Our Best Dewalt Jobsite Radio Reviews:

Dewalt Jobsite radios are wonderful sources of entertainment in the job place. We have picked some Dewalt Jobsite radios which are affordable, durable, and well-performing. So let’s check them out.

1.DEWALT Portable Radio (DCR025)-loudest Dewalt radio

DEWALT Portable Radio (DCR025)-loudest Dewalt radio

DEWALT Portable Radio (DCR025) is a great HD radio that everyone should have on his Jobsite. Honestly, the sound quality of the radio is excellent, and the reception is amazing as well. You won’t experience any drop-off in volume as most users expect from a Jobsite radio. The best part about the radio is the Bluetooth feature through which you can listen to music from your phone or iPod.

Also, it can boast of a battery that runs long without recharging. Also, the battery charger that comes with it is a bonus. The gadget is solid both in construction and performance. So, having this radio means you are going to enjoy a durable gadget.
Most importantly, the radio is bigger than its previous versions, which can’t serve the purposes of a standard Jobsite radio satisfactorily.

Another exciting aspect is the USB port, and you can charge your phone with this gadget. But, to keep the USB port powered, you need to keep the radio on. The equalizer is another charm that hits it up to its users.

What’s not to like? DCR025 adopts a beautiful design that provides a job site with a professional look. It is one of the most versatile radios you can buy without giving it a second thought.

The incredible aspect is the cell phone storage area under the device, and you can easily fit your phones. Moreover, it comes with 10 preset FM stations that will drive you crazy about it. However, it is an expensive gadget which many people can’t afford without breaking their banks. But, I recommend that people buy a high-quality device instead of a low-quality one, requiring frequent repair that enlarges the cost volume.

2.DEWALT 12V/20V MAX Portable Radio (DCR028B)

DEWALT 12V/20V MAX Portable Radio (DCR028B)

DEWALT 12V/20V MAX Portable Radio is one of the best dewalt jobsite radios out there. The speaker is an amazing feature that provides a great quality sound. That means you can enjoy this radio on the construction site. Bluetooth is another amazing feature that has a great range to receive and transmit data.

The radio comes with a USB port, and you can quickly charge any of your electronic gadgets using the port. There is also a 3.5 mm auxiliary port which you can use to connect any external device. Moreover, its battery comes with an extended life, and it lasts a long time on a single charge.

This DEWALT radio comes with a durable roll-cage design that protects any damages or scratches. Again, one of its amazing features is the innovative handle that stores and secures the radio antenna when it’s not in use. The radio is affordable but slightly heavier. Anyone can find it slightly difficult to move the radio from one place to another.

3.DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Speaker for Jobsite (DCR006)

DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Speaker for Jobsite (DCR006)

DEWALT 20V MAX (DCR006) radio is another amazing radio for Jobsite. The sound quality is excellent, and it can easily fill the room or noisy Jobsite. The Bluetooth feature is another charm that makes an instant and effortless pairing with other devices. Again, the radio comes with very rugged construction. So, you can expect a long-range service from this device.

It has a USB port which you can use to charge your phone and other electronic gadgets like a portable music player. But make sure your speaker is on. Without keeping the speaker on, you can’t charge your devices using the USB port.

The bonus is, this radio comes with two speakers that are true STEREO, so there is no down-mixing. So, you can play your favorite tune with this speaker. This radio is affordable, and people don’t need to break their bank to buy this gadget. However, one point against the device is the goofy appearance.

Frequently Asked Question( FAQ):

Question-1. Which Dewalt radio is the loudest?

Answer: Honestly, all Dewalt radios are loud, and they are an excellent option for Jobsite. However, there are some loudest Dewalt radios out there. Our research says DEWALT Portable Radio (DCR025) is the loudest Dewalt radio on our list.

Question-2. How much does a Dewalt radio cost?

Answer: Dewalt radios aren’t expensive. The price starts from $ 100. So, you don’t need to break your bank to buy one of Dewalt radios. 

Question-3. Does Dewalt make a waterproof radio?

Answer: Dewalt makes water-resistant radios for their customers.

Question-4. How long does Dewalt radio last on battery?

Answer: A Dewalt radio lasts more than 4 hours on battery with a single charge.

Question-5. What is the best Dewalt Jobsite radio?

Answer: Basically, there are lots of best quality Dewalt radios out there. But, in our list, DEWALT Portable Radio (DCR025) is the best Dewalt Jobsite radio.

Final Verdict:

Keeping a Dewalt radio at the Jobsite is undoubtedly a wise decision. You may find many Dewalt radios out there, but the radios on our list are affordable, durable, and loudest. We believe you will buy at least a radio for your Jobsite from our list. If you have already bought a radio from our list, pls don’t forget to share your experience with us by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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