Top 6 Best Radio Holster/Pouch Review-2022

If a piece of radio at your hand bothers you a lot during a rush, then why don’t you think to store it in a holster? I’m pretty sure, You have heard the name of a radio holster. If you haven’t heard yet, then let me tell you about a radio holster. A radio holster is a pouch to keep your radio safe and secure while busy at Jobsite.

The things you can keep inside the radio holster are

Many people keep typical radio holsters for putting their radios, but eventually, they can realize their holsters betray them.

You are wondering, how? Let me narrow down the confusion. A typical radio holster is something like garbage. Poor quality, poor performance, short longevity, all these things frustrate a user.

Would you like to suffer, buying a typical radio holster? If not, then come for the best radio holster available on the market. However, finding out the best radio pouch is quite challenging. But don’t break down your nervousness. The solution is here. Just read the article till the end.

In this article, you will get

  • Comprehensive reviews on best quality radio holsters
  • A buying guide, directing you to choose the best holster
  • Types of radio holster

A Glimpse at Some Of The Best Of The Bests

Best Radio Pouch

Reviews on 5 Best Radio Holsters

All the products below we are going to review are collected from different sources with positive customer feedback.  However, our collection couldn’t satisfy all customers but at least it will satisfy the majority of customers with quality, reliability, price, and performance. 

1.Tactical Radio Holder Radio Case Molle Radio Pouch

Tactical Radio Holder Radio Case

If you are looking for a radio holster for your Baofeng Uv-5r, then you can’t go wrong with Tactical Radio Holder Radio Case Molle Radio Holster. Because this holster is perhaps one of the best pouches for baofeng Uv-5r out there. How could you say that it’s one of the best pouches out there?

Okay!!!! Let me tell you about its quality and its features that have made it different from others.

First of all, it is a product from LUITON, a well-known brand for manufacturing radio holsters. Even without much marketing and advertising, its radio holsters have been one of the market leaders in the market. Its material is 1000D Nylon, a quality kind of material that makes anything sturdy, durable, and reliable as well.

Overall, it is a good radio holster for all walks of radio operators. But I am a little bit confident that it is the better choice for off-road communications. The exciting part about this pouch is the nice velcro American flag it comes with. Keep in mind, you can add your velcro name tag there. How exciting it is!!! Isn’t it?

However, I have found some people complaining about its size, which has been extra-large for them. But, to my eyes, the wrong size isn’t the sole factor determining a product’s overall quality.

Key Features:

  • An Elastic cord and detachable patch ensure the security of the radio you keep in the case. Again, the velcro fastens the radio firmly and you are free of tension
  • Being molle system, it’s easy to attach to any molle tactical gears like a backpack, vest, and other related gears
  • Being wear-resistant material, it is easy to use for heavy-duty objects
  • Its professional construction gives it a professional look

2.Radio Shoulder Harness Holster Chest Holder Vest Rig – Radio Holster with shoulder Strap

Radio Shoulder Harness Holster Chest Holder Vest Rig - Radio Holster with shoulder Strap

If a radio holster with a radio holder strap appeals to you, then you should prefer this radio holster to others. It is the 2nd product from LUITON on our list. Its construction material is Nylon, so you can expect durability. It is good storage for portable radios. And the price is manageable. But, it is slightly off for the grown people.

Key Features:

  • It consists of 4 pieces: two short straps and 2 long straps, giving the users maximum comfort
  • Antenna keeper option allows the users not to see the bulging under the vest
  • Simple design giving you an easier operation
  • It comes with velcro lapel keeper you can use to keep your Mic cord

3.X-FIRE Radio Strap Firefighter Washable-Radio Holder for Duty Belt

X-FIRE Radio Strap Firefighter Washable-Radio Holder for Duty Belt

Up next is X-FIRE Radio Strap Firefighter Washable EMS EMT Shoulder Holder. It is a product from X-Fire. X-Fire is a renowned brand for making holsters for firefighters, EMTs, and military personnel.

This holster is better than any typical leather holster available on the market. The best Firefighter Radio Strap is attached with it, and it gives the Firefighters, hikers, mountaineers, and EMTs maximum comfort. You will find it very easy to use with your body as it is a radio holster with a shoulder strap.

Are you worried about the durability of this holster?

The manufacturer has made it with quality materials and specially designed for tactical uses. The price is quite affordable, so you needn’t worry about the financial issue. However, the elastic strap is my only concern. Overall, the product would have been better if the elastic strap were a little bit longer.

Key Features:

  • It features a movable Mic 10mm loop, allowing you to position your Mic speaker at any point
  • Plastic rings on the bucket. And, plastic claps on the shoulder strap
  • Its 1″ webbing strap allows you to clip your speaker mics
  • Hardware is made of heavy duty nylon having approx. 515 F melt temperature
  • Metal clip on the short belt strap

4.Tactical Radio Holder Molle Radio Pou X-FIRE Radio Strap Firefighter Washable-Radio Holder for Duty Belt ch

X-FIRE Radio Strap Firefighter Washable-Radio Holder for Duty Belt

If you look for a radio pouch that stands up to years of use, then very few radio pouches are alternatives to Tactical Radio Holder Molle Radio Pouch.
Let me clarify why it is one of the best radio holsters out there.

First of all, its construction with heavy-duty Nylon and adjustable Paracord type straps testify that it lasts for a great number of years. Americans should feel the velcro American flag patch on the holster. Again, the two hook rectangles and a pull-cord fastener attach the top strap of the holster.

The holster is a decent choice for those who don’t have much working, walking or needn’t remove the radio frequently. Its fashionable appearance is just enough to impress anyone. The construction materials are heavy-duty Nylon, elastic rubber, and polyester fabric. And these materials together prevent it from any friction. And, it is lightweight, comfortable, and durable as well.

My major concern is its elastic string which isn’t long enough for the adjustments. Again, the velcro system is slightly weak.

Key Features: 

  • 1000D Nylon material, giving you the perfect and solid quality
  • Its long velcro patch on the outside allows the users to switch to standard battery from high-cap battery and vice-versa
  • Its two velcro patches keep the radio secured in place through holding its elastic strap closely

5.Universal Radio Case Two Way Radio Holder Nylon Radio Holder for Duty Belt

Universal Radio Case Two Way Radio Holder  Nylon Radio Holder for Duty Belt

The next is Universal Radio Case Two Way Radio Holder Universal Pouch from LUITON. And, we have already talked about the brand, LUITON. This holster is a decent choice for both small- and medium-sized HTs. The padding and tough nylon fabric stand for radios against all oddities. So, you can protect your radios from bangs and bumps. 

I must appreciate its stitching, giving you the perfect quality. Again, the price is affordable. But, I am afraid of its reliability. 

Key Features: 

  • The end-over elastic cord allows you to hold your radios even at the rough and tough situation
  • It comes with a great size, welcoming all types of radios to store 
  • A fairly large belt loop to fit any standard duty belt

6.MOLLE Tactical Phone GPS Holster – Radio Pouch for Baofeng

MOLLE Tactical Phone GPS Holster - Radio Pouch for Baofeng

Let me finish the reviews with MOLLE Tactical Pouch Bag Radio Phone GPS Holster, one of the best radio pouches available on the market. Perhaps, It is one of the best pouches for baofeng uv-5r with or without the extended battery. You can even store your large antenna inside the pouch.

Overall, it is a decent choice for carrying any ham radio to anywhere. But, I dislike its goofy appearance.

Key Features: 

  • Built with structural elements, giving you convenience and high functionality
  • The construction is well-setup and you will find it easy to easy to take on/off your gear in a rush

How to Choose the Best Radio Holster?

A good quality radio holster is the best stuff to store the radio when you are at your job. Again, a typical radio holster can ruin the positive mood you have at your Jobsite. So, what should you do? The answer is very simple. You are the only person who can solve this problem. Before finalizing your next radio holster, you should look for some essential factors in it. 

These are some factors. 

1.Construction Material:

People shouldn’t buy a radio holster that comes with poor construction. It won’t last long. Eventually, you need to replace it with a good one. So, why do you need to spend more on a rubbish thing?

People should be sensible. And, they need to justify the materials used in the construction of the radio holster. If the materials are okay, then people shouldn’t give it a second thought to buy the radio holster.  As a result, they can save some bucks at least and the hassle will be a “No”.

2.Compatibility and Adjustability:

Being compatible with all sizes of radios or being adjustable on your body is , perhaps, one of the best criteria that can easily set your mind positive. So, it is a good option you should take into your consideration before buying your next best radio pouch

3. Portability:

An ideal radio holster should be handy and easily portable. In your hectic days, a portable radio holster could be a great support to carry your radio. So, before buying, check whether your radio pouch is portable. 


A person shouldn’t spend too much on this stuff. Price should be moderate. If your budget is an issue then choose the radio pouch that fits your budget. 

Types Of Radio Holster

People can choose their favorite one from different types of radio holsters. Each type of radio holster comes with different virtues. 

So, it depends on you which one you choose. Here are some types of radio holsters. 

  • Clip: A type of radio holster is with a clip on the back side of the holster and it grabs the belt or waist. 
  • Belt Loop: The loop style radio holster can hold your belt with the loop that slides through your belt. 
  • Swivel: It is a style of radio holster that allows your radio to rotate in 180 degrees in either direction. Moreover, it is a kind of radio holster that adjusts your radio with your different sitting positions. 
  • D Ring Firefighter Style: EMS and Firefighters are the two common users of this type of radio holster. 2D rings are found on the top of the holster. And these allow the case to hang on the person’s body. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What does a Holster mean?

Answer: A holster is a pouch to carry firearms, radio, and other necessary kits. It is made of leather and attached with a belt or body. 

2. What is the purpose of keeping a radio Holster?

Answer: People usually keep radio holsters to store their radios when they are busy at their Jobsite. A radio holster is a wonderful way to store the radio and radio accessories. And it keeps radios safe and secured. 

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3. What type of radio holster should I keep? 

Answer: If you like lightweight stuff, then I must suggest you keep a lightweight radio holster. It is very handy and manageable. 


A radio holster is one of the best friends for some professionals like

  • Firefighter
  • Military Personnel 
  • EMTs
  • Hikers
  • Mountaineers
  • Policemen 
  • Adventurers

If you are one of them, then you shouldn’t give it a second thought to buy one of the best radio holsters available on the market. We believe You have already selected your radio holster from our list.

If you aren’t yet to set your mind which one you should buy, then we must recommend you to buy Tactical Radio Holder Radio Case Molle Radio Holster as it is the best performer among all on our list.

However, we don’t mean that the rest of the products on our list aren’t fit for you. All radio holsters on our list are great performers in their respective fields. So, don’t waste your time buying a radio holster and share your experience with us by leaving a comment on the comment section.

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